Campo – Border Fence Worthy Of Third World

In this clip, scenes are shown of the existing border fence as it is in October, 2019, near Campo, California. This clip deals with a stretch of about 17 miles in total, running from the outskirts of Tecate to the community of Boulevard. Campo is a small border town of about 3,000 inhabitants in the mountains about 35 miles east of San Diego. The border fence is not in good condition here, but I want to show the best and the worst. The public needs to know what the bad parts are, also, not just the good. Hopefully, a new fence in Campo will be built before long.

NOTE: None of the fence shown in this video was constructed during the Trump term in office. It’s not meant to be anti-Trump or pro-Trump, just the reality of what the fence looks like now. The only exception is that the Army Corps of Engineers added the concertina wire to the existing fence last winter.

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