Fake Refugee Airlift to San Diego – Arrival Info

ICE is flying planeloads of fake refugees to San Diego up to three times a week. Each plane carries an estimated 130 fake refugees. The airline is World Atlantic Airline (designator code WAL). The asylum fraudsters are transported by DHS buses to the Brown Field Customs and Border Protection Station for processing or for further distribution to other local CBP stations. The Brown Field Customs and Border Protection Station is the central hub for processing fake refugees in the San Diego sector. The buses exit the airport at the West Washington Street gate, on the east side of the airport.

Brown Field Customs and Border Protection Station
7560 Britannia Ct,
San Diego, CA 92154

These flights, so far, follow a pretty dependable pattern of arrival on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the afternoon with an arrival time around 1-1:30pm. These are on-demand flights, so they may not run every day or the schedule could change. Will try to update the list of flights that have already come, at least once a week.

This is video of arrival of fake-refugee flight #6 on May 26, 2019.

This is video of flight #8 on May 31, 2019. The Harbor Police, who patrol the airport, do not like us taking video. A policeman interrupted my video this time.

A good place for viewing the transfer of the fake refugees to buses has been a small parking lot on the east side of the airport just off Admiral Boland Way, near the car rental garage, marked by the star in the map.

Many fake refugees are distributed to other CBP stations in the San Diego Sector for processing. This is the list of Border Patrol stations. If you live in these areas, watch for them. We want to know where they are going and what happens with them.

Imperial Beach Station
Brown Field Station
Campo Station
San Clemente Station
El Cajon Station
Theodore L. Newton, Jr. and George F. Azrak Station (Murrieta)
Chula Vista Station
Boulevard Station

These are some of the cities that ICE is shuttling these fake economic refugees around, to and from. They are distributing these un-vetted and un-screened, disease-carrying fake refugees all around the country. Look for them to show up near you.

US Destinations

San Diego, California
Miami, Florida
Tampa, Florida
Atlanta, Georgia
Columbus, Georgia
Gary, Indiana
Alexandria, Louisiana
Memphis, Tennesee
Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota
Newark, New Jersey
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Toledo, Ohio
El Paso, Texas
Houston, Texas
McAllen, Texas
McLauglin AFB, Texas
Loredo, Texas
San Antonio, Texas
Brownsville, Texas
Richmond, Virginia

10 thoughts on “Fake Refugee Airlift to San Diego – Arrival Info”

  1. Thanks for sharing this info. This is a definite concern for the health, safety and welfare of Americans affected here in San Diego County.

      1. Channel 10 yesterday brought it up. Keep up the good work. The people are waking up. Slowly but surely.

      2. I haven’t seen the 10News report yet, but don’t think any of our local media outlets are doing a good job reporting the details of this.

  2. Fake refugees are being transported to Customs Border Protection stations all over the US, not just in California. I am looking at California because that’s where I live. They are moving around because Texas is swamped and other sectors can help detain and process them for release.

    People who are dumb enough to rejoice that they are going to California, probably ought to check CBP stations nearer to themselves. Fake refugees are being shuttled all around the country to blue as well as red states. Also, California is putting them on planes and buses, often paying their fare to other states.

    It wasn’t a serious proposal, but dimwits, who think Trump’s threat to send them to sanctuary cities would have been a smart move and 3-dimensional thinking, need to think again. They end up going everywhere. They should be sent home and nowhere else. I hope to put together a list of other cities and states, where these planes are also flying Fake Refugees. Some of them are Miami, Florida, Toledo, Ohio, Columbus, Georgia, Newark, New Jersey and many others. CBP is sending these people wherever they can be detained, interviewed and released, not according to someone’s political agenda. It’s not just about San Diego, either. I am just the only person at this time posting such details. Hopefully more will start looking at it in other areas.

  3. Why is ICE doing this? Aren’t they the ones working so hard to get illegals who are incarcerated before they are released? In my state, NC, there has been an attack on sheriff’s departments who release known illegals when they have served their time instead of turning them over to ICE. ICE has also reached out for federal help to force sanctuary cities and states to release illegals to their custody. What more can you share about who is behind this? Do you know 100% that it is ICE doing this? I am so mad about this that I am sharing it far and wide. But I have been receiving questions that I cannot answer. Do you know if Trump is aware this is happening?

    1. Yes, World Atlantic is the airline that is used by ICE for deportations and shuttling detainees around. It’s ICE and CBP doing it. Certainly Trump knows about it. I think he cold fix it, if he really wanted. Trump had two years to fix this when he had a Republican Congress and it just wasn’t a priority for him.

      ICE is doing it because it conforms to current policy, regulations and law. It’s not the fault of ICE or CBP. They just follow lawful orders. Most of them are probably just as disgusted as we are, if not more so, but they aren’t allowed to show it in public. We can speak up for them though. It’s the fault of our political leadership. There was a loophole created during the Clinton era to release minors (21 and younger) and their immediate family members within 20 days, called the Flores Settlement Agreement, an agreement with the Supreme Court, not a law enacted by Congress.

      If they can drag a little kid across Mexico to the border — preferably a little girl, because they are easier to control — and say the right words during the credible fear interview, they are quickly released into the US.

      Radical progressives have figured out how to use the loophole to encourage mass migration to the US. They recruit and train the fake refugees and help them get where they are going on the US side, often with our tax money. Global corporations support it, because they like the free flow of cheap labor. Politicians allow it, because their biggest political contributors want it.

      1. There is a recent article where this has been brought to public attention. A man was charged with buying an infant to bring in to the US. Lots more details of illegals ‘renting’ , buying and kidnapping children to cross the border with them. I posted a link to the site and my entire comment disappeared when I clicked on ‘Post Comment’. I am trying it without the link.

      2. I was able to post the link below; when I didn’t do it as a reply to your comment. It is at the bottom.

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