John Renison – Secret Mexican Citizen Running for US Congress in Border District

Video: John Renison erupts
in angry rant after being exposed.

In the 2018 election, John Renison, a Mexican citizen, is running as a Republican candidate for the House of Representatives in the 51st district, which includes California’s entire border with Mexico.

Renison aka Juan Ray Renison Rosas is a dual citizen with Mexican and American citizenship. He was a candidate for the Mexican Senate for the radical-left Green Party in 2012 and appears to also have been a candidate in 2010 for the Camera de Deputados de Baja California, that is the Baja state assembly for the “Partido Estatal de Baja California (Baja State Party). He is also the owner of a cross-border, customs brokerage business, which could profit considerably from cross-border solutions that he may promote as congressman of the 51st District.

All this represents a serious conflict of interest. As Congressman of the 51st district, he would be dealing with very critical issues that have a huge impact on our national interests, such as the massive spills of sewage and toxic waste coming across the border, NAFTA and border security, as well as illegal immigration.

As Mexican citizen and political activist, who has been a candidate for political office in Mexico and who considers Mexicali, Mexico to be his “homeland” from early childhood, it is a reasonable to ask to which country does he owe his primary loyalty? In Spanish he calls Mexicali his “tierra natal”, his homeland, native land or literally the land of his birth. His first choice would have been a political career in Mexico. It seems that he entered politics in the U.S. because he had trouble being elected to office in Mexico. A political career in the U.S was his second choice. Yet, when speaking in English, he says he is absolutely loyal to the U.S. That is difficult to believe, given his prior background in Mexico of political activism with left-wing parties.

The voters ought to be informed about this conflict of interest and divided loyalty that he has as a dual citizen.

On page 29 of this register of candidates for the Mexican Senate lists “John Ray Renison Rosas” as a substitute candidate for the Mexican Senate in the 2012 election in Mexico.

Mexican List of Senate Candidates for 2012

At this link towards the bottom of the page, “Juan Renison” is also mentioned in 2010 as a candidate for the Camera de Deputados de Baja, California

Tribunal Electoral – Summary information, April 19, 2010

Baja California

Columna En Voz Baja
Ya hay candidatos…

Durante la semana pasada se fue deshojando la margarita y en Mexicali suman ya tres los candidatos a Presidente Municipal, en orden de aparición y de aprobación de sus respectivas militancias están ya por el PAN con RAÚL LÓPEZ MORENO, mientras que por el PRI van con FRANCISCO PÉREZ TEJADA PADILLA y ayer el Partido Estatal de Baja California (PEBC) postuló a JORGE GALLEGO SALAS, quien encabezó el evento con los integrantes de su planilla y de los candidatos a Diputados FRANCISCO BARRAZA, MARCO VIZCARRA, JUAN RENISON, NORMA ALICIA ARREOLA, NATY RIVERA Y HUMBERTO BELTRÁN LÓPEZ.. En la sede de la Canaco se realizó la presentación de los candidatos pebecistas que le apuestan a la experiencia, eficacia y honradez de su candidato que al dirigirse a decenas de asistentes pidió trabajar intensamente para lograr el triunfo electoral y orientar el Gobierno hacia la atención de las necesidades sociales con los principios a los que se ajustan los perfiles de los seis candidatos a Diputados locales, de los cuales 4 son ciudadanos de la sociedad civil y 2 son miembros activos del PEBC… (LA VOZ DE LA FRONTERA, JESÚS JIMÉNEZ, JAVIER MEJÍA URIBE Y FUENTEOVEJUNA)

In this Reader Article John Renison is quoted as saying he is from Mexicali, Mexico, but has lived several years in the U.S.

9/11 is the best thing that ever happened to Baja cuisine

“I’m from Mexicali,” says Renison. “But I have spent four years in San Diego, and three years in Boston where I met my wife and we had our two children.

Renison was also named to serve on a kind commission by the Mexicali Ayuntamiento (City Council) to help put together a “Plan for the Development of Mexicali”.

This writer (Roger Ogden) informed the Republican Central Committee about these issues via an email to 48 of the San Diego Republican Central Committee Members on April 8th, just before the committee was to vote on endorsements. The Central Committee willfully ignored the information and endorsed Renison without any discussion at all of the issues of national loyalty and conflict of interest regarding his customs brokerage business. Before the overwhelming vote to endorse him, Renison admitted that he was a dual citizen and that he was a candidate for the Mexican Senate in 2012.

This video is the response by John Renison, made on April 8, 2018. The very next day he admitted being a dual citizen and a political candidate in Mexico in recent years. He says in English that he puts America first, but in reality he puts Mexico first. He tried for several years to start a political career in Mexico, before running for office on the American side of the border. Mexico, his “homeland”, was obviously his first choice.

Video: Response by Renison to questions about conflict of interest and divided loyalty

Renison refers to Ogden as a “hater” and “ignorant”, just for suggesting he could have a conflict of interest. This kind of name-calling is the tactic the radical left uses to marginalize and silence their critics.

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13 Responses to John Renison – Secret Mexican Citizen Running for US Congress in Border District

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  2. Rebel with a cause says:

    Reconquista..Mexifornia ..aka..the Banana Republic controlled by Globalist Commies..what next ?

  3. Hank Hollins says:

    Where does his loyalty lie? He has no right to run for U.S. Congressional positions.

    • Tom says:

      Any time one of the hundreds of thousands of dual citizen Israeli-American Jews in the USA runs for elected office, not one of you ‘patriots’ ever says a word. But now that a dual citizen Mexican-American is legally running for office, a big hue and cry erupts.

      Until you other American folks help our government get rid of the dual citizenship laws and force everyone to pledge allegiance to one country or the other, you will always have this loyalty problem.

      But please, try to figure where the real problem lies, rather than just swinging wildly at anyone doing this who isn’t a dual citizen Israeli-American Jew.

      • Admin says:

        There are no dual-citizenship laws in the US. The U.S. does not recognize dual citizenship. Please try to inform yourself, before you spew so much nonsense.

  4. Brometheus says:

    Dual US citizenship of ANY nationality should disqualify anyone from positions in politics. Public servants must serve the interest of American citizens.

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  6. abinico warez says:

    How can he have dual citizenship – US does not do that except for israelis.

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