American Flag Banned in San Diego’s Chicano Park

Only the flags of Aztlan, La Raza and Mexico
are allowed to fly freely in Chicano Park

Last September third, I tried to take a small group of about 6-7 people to Chicano Park in San Diego, just to have a private lunch and point out the subversive, anti-American features of the murals there. Word leaked out unintentionally and a angry mob of 500 fanatical park supporters showed up to deprive us of our rights and force us out of the park. As a result, instead of making a half dozen people more aware of the park, the event was all over the news and hundreds of thousands of people in San Diego and across the country found out there is a issue with Chicano Park. There is no way we could have afforded that kind of publicity, if we had to pay for it.

Below is a news story about a follow-on event, organized by an anonymous group, not by me this time. A slightly bigger group is expected for this next round. Since the American flag is banned at Chicano Park by the Chicano Park Steering Committee and their fascist, paramilitary enforcement arm, the Brown Berets de Aztlan, the reported main goal is simply to raise the American flag in the center of Chicano Park. The Chicanos and their fascist-Left allies equate the American flag to the Nazi flag. So, this should be a very interesting event, also.

The Chicanos claim that the Park is no longer U.S. territory, that it is their sacred land as the first part of Aztlan to be occupied. The treasonous political leaders of the City of San Diego have, in effect, ceded it to them. They identify the American Southwest as Aztlan. For that reason, they do not allow the American flag, the symbol of our sovereignty, to be raised in the center of the park. The main object of the next event is, therefore, to boldly raise the American flag in the center of the park.

In the above clip, there are actually at least two flag wavers, one was a courageous Hispanic veteran in uniform at the beginning. There were actually two veterans in uniform. The other flag waver was Hispanic or Asian. All of them were escorted out of the Park by police. This happens repeatedly in Chicano Park. It seems that the police leadership and the Chicanos have an agreement that they will escort people of the park, if their activities, such as waving the American flag, offend the Chicanos and their far left allies.

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