KUSI: Welcoming ISIS To San Diego

kusi-thumbnailThis video is an intended to counteract a little a propaganda piece put out by our local media. The pro-refugee, special interest groups are media-savvy and probably pressured KUSI to broadcast this pro-refugee propaganda. Otherwise, KUSI is generally a good station.

It is politically incorrect to say so, but Mohammed committed pretty much all the same atrocities and crimes that ISIS and Al Qaeda have done in the name of Islam in recent years. Muslims are taught that they should emulate Mohammed as the perfect moral example of what a Muslim should be. The little books by Bill Warner on Amazon, such as “The Life of Mohammad” are a great aid in understanding the history of Islam.

Most San Diegans probably are not aware of it, but in recent years around 30,000 Muslim refugees from terrorist regions have been resettled in San Diego County. This does not even count the Muslims who have immigrated here via regular channels or on a temporary visa. At the time of this posting, more than a thousand Syrian refugees have just been resettled here in the last year as is celebrated in this broadcast video.

The wearing of the hijab, as the women are doing in this news report, is a symbol of their fundamentalist Muslim identity. It has been a tradition among some Muslims in the past, but it is not required in Islam. The hijab was brought back in the 1950’s by the Muslim Brotherhood for that reason as a symbol of resistance and rejection of western society.

Some of the 9/11 terrorists used San Diego as a base, because there were other sympathetic Muslims here inclined to support them. The base of support in San Diego is now orders of magnitude greater than it was before 9/11, thanks mainly to Obama. It is unconstitutional for the Government to discriminate against citizens based on religion. But it is not unconstitutional to discriminate when accepting immigrants and refugees, who come from a religion and an area that is essentially at war with us.

We did not accept large numbers of ethnic Germans during and immediately after WWII, because some fraction of them, though not all, would have represented a threat to us. It didn’t have anything to do with race or religion. It was just common sense that Americans still practiced back in those days.

Nazis had just as many cute kids as Muslims do, like they show in the above news report to get your sympathy. We would not have been giving Nazi supporters free Thanksgiving dinners, just because they had cute kids. Support for ISIS in Syria came mostly from Sunni Muslims, exactly the ones we are resettling in large numbers as refugees in San Diego.

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