Stand with Rabbi Shifren against Racist & Communist Murals at Chicano Park

Rabbi Nachum Shifren will speak at the San Diego City Council meeting during public commentary. Please come and support him by speaking also, or supporting in the audience. The Rabbi will introduce his plan for a new city park for “La Raza Blanca.”

Rabbi Nachum Shifren
Rabbi Nachum Shifren
Where:  	San Diego City Hall, 12th Floor
		202 West C Street, San Diego, Ca
When:  		Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Time:    	10am
Time limit: 	2 minutes per speaker
		(may be reduced depending on number of speakers.)

Click here to download a flyer.

“Rabí Shifren hablara sobre los raíces nazistas de La Raza, y como podemos arrancar esta maldad que nos amenaza a todos. No cabe duda que el deber de cada patriota es enfrentar y batallar contra estos izquierdistas para sobrevivir!”

(Translation: He will discuss the Nazi roots of La Raza, eradicating them from our society. Every patriot must see as his duty to confront these dangerous extremists at every opportunity.)

Supremacist Chicano ideology, has parallels to Nazism, in that it teaches that the Hispanic, mestizo (mixed) race will give birth to the ultimate, superior race.

Viva La Raza
Long Live the (mestizo) Race!
One of the communist murals at Chicano Park,
honoring terrorist mass killers, Fidel Castro
and Che Guevara

The City of San Diego has completely surrendered control of the 6-acre Chicano Park to the radical Chicano’s. The Chicano Park Steering Committee, which is supposed to be informal or “ceremonial,” totally runs the park with the help of their Brown Beret paramilitary group. The CPSC might be considered an agent of the City in this matter. City politicos get, at least, political support and maybe even financial pay-off for this illegal arrangement.

Chicanos claim the American Southwest as their “national homeland” and Chicano Park to be
the first part of Aztlan to be conquered.

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