Oscar Garcia, San Diego’s Deputy District Attorney of Hate

Oscar Garcia is the assistant district attorney in charge of the hate crimes department in San Diego. The impact of his political prosecutions better fits the definition of a hate crime than the alleged crimes that he prosecutes.

Below is a clip of our DA of Hate at a far-left political press conference. Of course there would not call it a political event, but there is a crowd of far-left politicians and political, left-wing, special-interest groups standing right behind him. As we have experienced for many years, the far-left, La Raza ultra nationalists and politically-radical Islamists use words like “hater,” “xenophobe” and “racist” as euphemisms for their perceived political enemies, i.e. conservatives, Republicans, patriots, traditional Christians, etc.

Garcia at press conference with far-left and Islamic groups

Here is another clip of Oscar Garcia giving an interview with Edgar Hopida,spokesman for The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR is, of course, an extremely political, special-interest group, which has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the most notorious hate organizations in the world. The Muslim Brotherhood was allied with the Nazis in World War II, supplying three Muslim SS divisions to Adolf Hitler in support of his cause. “Mein Kampf” is still a best seller in the Muslim world.

The “hate crime” they are talking about here turned out to be a murder of a Muslim woman by her Muslim husband in El Cajon, Ca. It wasn’t a hate crime at all, but that didn’t stop Oscar and Edgar from talking it up as a potential hate crime terrorizing the Muslim community when it was actually the Muslim husband of the murdered woman terrorizing the community.

Deputy DA Oscar Garcia in interview with CAIR (Muslim Brotherhood)

The DA of hate keeps secret police files on people who have not committed any crimes, but have just done or said something that leftists deem to be politically incorrect. With this Gestapo-like tactic he hopes to use these files on innocent people to help convict them later if some other person in the future charges them with a fake hate crime.

In this video at about 2:50, he is training police to willfully file false reports on politically incorrect people, who have not committed a hate crime at all, just to build up his Gestapo-like dossiers on targeted classes of people, mostly Anglo-Americans or traditional patriotic Americans of whatever race or ethnicity.

Garcia teaches police to encourage and accept false hate-crime complaints

Oscar also encourages the public to make fake charges against people. He calls them “hate reported incidents.” The case of the San Diego student has been dropped after she stopped cooperating with police and there was not evidence that a hate crime had occurred other than her own statements. She said her car was stolen by Muslim-hating, Trump supporters, but six weeks later said she just forgot where she had parked!! Such people are encouraged by Garcia’s public statements to file false reports. She wasted 6 weeks of investigators’ time, with no apparent consequences for filing a false complaint.

Garcia promoting and pursuing two fake hate crimes

Oscar Garcia is terrorizing people, himself, due to his prejudices against certain ethnic, religious and political groups. He targets certain classes of of the public in order to help terrorize them into submission and silence. He uses his office for political purposes and preys on the weak and defenseless. This corrupt prosecutor should be investigated, himself, and removed from office.

Oscar Garcia


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