Impeach Obama NOW Protest in Seaside Oregon (August)

These are images of the protest in August in Seaside, Oregon. The turn out was good, lots of thumbs up, even got a hug from a passerby and one Obama supporter who kept on saying “He is not a fraud”! The young people are very supportive.

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One thought on “Impeach Obama NOW Protest in Seaside Oregon (August)”

  1. To all political parities of this nation. I believe and I’m am sure most of this nation would like to know why you have let our president along with some political party members step all over all our constitutional laws that has protected us for over two hundred and fifty years. Now we have a nation that has aborted millions of God be love children and our grandchildren and all citizes that will come after us just because they are in the way. If this is not enough, they wait until the child is formed in the womb then they are aborted and sold for body parts like an old car. Is this the nation we want to be remembered for? I don’t think so. Like the Bible says, what profit if a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul If we do not band together now, we will surely lose all we have gained under our constitutional laws. We have to stop this madness now.

    Remember, What a nation sows it will harvest if you don’t believe me, just look around

    Yours truly : Leland Van Oss

    please forward to all political parties of this nation.

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