Monthly Protest Report – Impeach Obama NOW! – August, 2015

WhiteLivesMatterThis is a report of impeach Obama protests for August. The purpose is to provide information about protests which are taking place around the country and to encourage patriots to rise up and protest more in public. If you would like to have your own event highlighted in these monthly reports, send me photos or video via the contact tab above.

Organize your own protest and join us. The suggested date of the protest is the 1st Saturday of every month. However, if it is not possible to have it on that date, any date you want to do it is also fine.

To find a state group, use this link:

Join a state group here

Or, search Facebook for “Impeach Obama NOW (your state)”

If you would like to host a protest, contact us via the “contact” tab at the top of this page or click here.


„● “White Lives Matter” joins impeach-Obama NOW protest in Oceanside

„● Transvestite explains why he/she loves Obama & Obamacare

„● Two abusive Obama followers pepper-sprayed in San Diego

„● “Jail Hillary” protest takes place in La Jolla

„● Protest of two illegal aliens appointed to city commission in Huntington Park


A contingent from the new “White Lives Matter” movement joined our impeach Obama protest in Oceanside this month. Don’t worry, it’s not white supremacy, just a spoof of the hypocritical, dishonest, race-baiting “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Oceanside, California (San Diego, County)Impeach Obama NOW! – California

Plans are also being made by the organizers of this exciting new movement for a future “White Lives Mattter” Bikini Contest. Details are to be announced at a later date.

White Lives Matter Bikini Contest

San Diego, California Impeach Obama NOW! – California

This was a solo protest by Gadget Dan in Balboa Park outside a meeting by Representatives Susan Davis and Scott Peters. A transvestite appeared and explained to us that he/she is an Obama supporter, because Obamacare pays for his/her medical expenses, including expensive sex change operations.

San Diego, CaliforniaImpeach Obama NOW! – California

This as a protest for Obama’s impeachment and against illegal amnesty in front of Representative Susan Davis’ office.

At the end of the protest, a woman and her son began verbally abusing the protesters. When she tried to slap the camera out of one protester’s hand, she was pepper-sprayed. She filed a complaint with the police. It is not yet clear, if it will be pursued by the police. However, from what we know, it does not seem likely, because she was the aggressor and she was warned before we sprayed her. Her son also threatened us.

It is common practice among the leftists to get in the face of protesters and make such profane verbal attacks. Remember Obama told his followers to “get in their faces.” This is, in itself, an aggressive act. They well know that they can intimidate and discourage many patriotic protesters in this way. Usually, if you point a tube of pepper spray at them and warn them to back off, they will. This woman would not back off and so she and her son were sprayed. You have to be careful about how you do this, however, or you could be prosecuted for assault and battery.

San Diego, CaliforniaImpeach Obama NOW! – California

Gadget Dan is a former San Diego Minuteman, retired fireman and Army veteran. He does solo protests a couple times a week around San Diego. He also helps out the Border Patrol as a volunteer almost daily in El Campo, one of the hot spots. You won’t find him on the computer much, though, posting on Facebook. He’s too busy.

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Seaside, OregonImpeach Obama NOW! – Oregon

Turn out was good, lots of thumbs up, even got a hug from passer by and one Obama supporter who kept on saying “he is not a fraud”! The young people are very supportive.

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You can always have a personal protest by just displaying a bumper sticker. Send us images of your bumper stickers.

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These are selected events that were not part of our “Impeach Obama NOW” effort. If you want your protest highlighted in these monthly reports, send me an image/video and a little description. It does not have to be a large protest and you do not have to be part of our group.

La Jolla. California

Hillary Clinton attended a fundraiser at the home of in August. A few people greeted here with “Jail Hillary” and “Remember Benghazi” signs. The protest was reported via multiple local media outlets.

San Diego. California

This a rousing speech delivered at the Planned Parenthood protest in downtown San Diego. Protests were held at Planned Parenthood clinics all across the U.S. There were 300-500 protesters at this site. The speech was delivered by Pastor James Garlow.

Huntington Park, California

A protest against the appointment of two illegal aliens to a commission by the Huntington Park City Council, organized by We the People Rising, based in Orange County, California.

Linda Carballo accused the City Council of Huntington Park of being corrupt and lawless. They appointed two illegal aliens to commissions recently. Some of the council members are apparently also not eligible for the office they hold.

Raymond Herrera, interviewed below, was the first person to bring the buses to a halt at the celebrated Murrieta protest in July of 2014 against Obama’s busing of illegal aliens around the country for resettlement in the U.S.


These are groups that have worked with us recently, but did not have a protest this month. These are file photos. If you live in the area and want to participate, join the group shown with the photo and get in touch with the local organizer. The organizers are likely to have future protests, especially if they can get more support.

Austin, TexasImpeach Obama NOW! – Texas

Austin, Texas (Cedar Park)
Austin, Texas (Cedar Park)

Bakersfield, CaliforniaImpeach Obama NOW! – California

File Photo for Bakersfield
File Photo, Bakersfield

Bucksville, AlabamaImpeach Obama NOW – Alabama

File Photo for Bucksville
File Photo for Bucksville

Charlotte, North CarolinaImpeach Obama NOW! – North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina (file photo)
Charlotte, North Carolina (file photo)

Indianapolis, IndianaProtest Obama – Indiana

Obama Protesters in Indianapolis
Obama Protesters in Indianapolis

Long Island, New YorkLong Island Patriots

Long Island, New York
Long Island, New York

Memphis, TennesseeImpeach Obama NOW – Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee (file photo)
Memphis, Tennessee (file photo)

Meridian, Idaho Impeach Obama NOW – Idaho

Impeach Obama NOW protest in Boise, Idaho Click photo to go to gallery
Impeach Obama NOW protest in Boise, Idaho
File Photo for Meridian (Boise)

Sacramento, CaliforniaImpeach Obama NOW! – California

File Photo for Sacramento
File Photo for Sacramento

Simi ValleyImpeach Obama NOW! – California

File Photo for Simi Valley
File Photo for Simi Valley

Victoria, TexasVictoria/ Port Lavaca / Port O’Connor Patriots

File Photo
File Photo for Victoria

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