How to Start an Impeach-Obama-Now Protest

Austin01Want to start an impeach-Obama event in your area, but don’t think you have enough participants? Just make a sign, go to a likely place at your convenience and have a friend or passerby make a photo. You don’t have to stand there for hours by yourself, unless you want. Send me the photo and I will put it in our monthly report page as a “new start.” It will be good advertising for you and will also advance our cause. The more places we have listed with live hosts that they can see, the more people are going to be interested. The next month we will configure an event for you in your state group and try to get you more protesters. It does not take a lot of work or time. We have to crawl before we walk.

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2 thoughts on “How to Start an Impeach-Obama-Now Protest”

  1. if we don’t do it now along with others who have broken there oath of office we might just lose this nation

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