Celebrating One Full Year Free of Obama in SoCal

Protest  of Obama Fundraiser in La Jolla, California
Impeach-Obama-NOW Protest
Obama Fundraiser in La Jolla, California
Large parts of Southern California have become a ‘no-go zone” for Obama. Last year on May 8th, 2014 we held an impeach-Obama-NOW protest of an Obama fundraiser in La Jolla, California. See video below. This was one of many protests for Obama’s impeachment in the area over the last few years. Since then Obama has not returned to San Diego, County, though he used to visit fairly frequently. Such protests do have an impact. The wealthy people hosting such fundraisers care about their status in the community and do not like to see droves of boisterous protesters right in front of their home. So, they refuse to hold more fundraisers.

Obama’s handlers know how intensely unpopular he is among many and they fear a large protest could take place that would ignite protests all over the country, which would be a huge embarrassment. Obama might pay San Diego another visit next week for all we know, but if he does, we need to have an even much larger protest. It could literally touch off a massive wave of protests all over America.

Often there are leftist protesters at these events mostly protesting also against Obama, not for him. Obama has very few enthusiastic supporters these days.

In June, it will also be a year since Obama was in Orange County, California. We had a rather large protest of his commencement speech at the University of California, Irvine in June of 2014. It was such a shock that this year, Obama fled to South Dakota to give a commencement speech at a very remote, protest-proof community college, surrounded for miles and miles by unpopulated prairie.

Obama still ventures into his isolated remaining strongholds in Hollywood and Palm Springs, but we have started protesting in those areas, as well, and hope to drive him out soon.

Obama’s team tries to avoid these protests and often make it difficult to organize them by not releasing details of his visits. Though the protests have not been huge, they are important. His handlers know Obama is getting weaker and weaker. They fear the protests could grow out of control. This kind of in-your-face protest should be done wherever Obama goes. Let’s liberate all of America from Obama!

To join Impeach Obama NOW, find your state group here:

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Or, just search Facebook for “Impeach Obama Now” + your state name.

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