Republican Quislings Never Intended To De-fund Dictated Amnesty

The Republicans had leverage before they funded most of the budget in December. They gave that up and have very little leverage now that only DHS is not funded for the entire year. The Republican leadership are, as liars, cut from the same clothe as Obama. Boehner made a sleazy deal with Obama behind our backs. See this article.

John Thune: We’re not going to shut down Homeland Security in February over executive amnesty

One thought on “Republican Quislings Never Intended To De-fund Dictated Amnesty”

  1. All They have to do is not fund any of it.
    Just fund what is needed but not illegal imigration.
    It’s not that hard unless all the garbage They fed Us to get elected was a pack of Lies and They never wanted to stop the illegals from coming and staying here in the first place.

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