‘Overpasses For America’ Protest in Oklahoma

Featuring James Neighbors. Just to set the record straight, he got the idea from our group in San Diego/Orange Counties. We did a protest in Carlsbad, because it was somewhat midway between the two counties in southern California. The protest in Carlsbad was the 5th in a series of protests. Traffic slowed down due to people gawking at the protest. News of the event was not just on one ‘tiny’ website, but it went viral and was reported by dozens of blogs, including the Fox News blog, The Daily Caller, Western Journalism and other major websites. We actually started the anti-Obama overpass protest movement in SoCal. It grew out of the anti-illegal-immigration movement. Some here were protesting against Obama from overpasses since before he took office. The point is really that anyone can and should start their own local impeach-Obama protest group.

Impeach Obama Rally Causes Ten-Mile Traffic Jam by Fox News Blog

Impeach Obama Movement Leads to Protests, Traffic Jam by The Daily Caller

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