Will Obama Copy Mandela’s Terrorist Campaign in America?

Nelson Mandela founded MK Honto, aka UmkHonto we Sizwe, (Spear of the Nation) the armed, terrorist branch of the African National Congress (ANC). This clip shows video of Barack Obama paying tribute to Nelson Mandala and also some images of the terrorist campaign in South Africa that was led by Mandela’s terrorist group. Years of massive waves of illegal immigration preceded the terrorism in South Africa, producing chaos and swamping the system. Mandela, was a communist, who has been romanticized and the history of his terrorist group has been sanitized by the media and politicians. Mandela has never been blamed for this terrorism that his group carried out and he is held in public memory now as a kind of saint.

Obama’s Church Preaches White Genocide

How to be a Good Communist, an essay by Nelson Mandela

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