Contribute to Danny Martins’ Legal Defense

Help Danny fight for the 1st Amendment
Danny Martins is a spunky, young college student in Long Island, who was arrested and charged with a trumped up crime this summer for displaying a flag and an impeach Obama poster from an overpass. He needs several thousand dollars to pay his attorney fees for his legal defense, which is not over yet.

Click Here to learn more and contribute to Danny Martin’s legal defense fund.

Hello, My name is Danny and I am a Hofstra University student. This past summer I was arrested in New York for holding a peaceful Impeach Obama protest over a local pedestrian overpass. I told the officers I would take down my signs to comply with an order but they just arrested me and now I am fighting this in court. If you can please donate/share below it would mean the world to me. Every dollar counts. I have been bullied by the police and need all the help I can get. Please help me and donate by clicking the link below. Thank You!

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