Can Amnesty by Obama’s Executive Dictate Be Defunded?

How do you stop Obama from destroying America with just a stroke of a pen and not a shot fired?

It does not seem possible for Congress to defund Obama’s dictated Amnesty, if he should choose to go forward with a much broader Amnesty than he has already dictated. Illegal aliens are not being deported now, unless they are very serious felons and even then it is not clear they are being deported. Not deporting whole classes of illegal aliens is already a kind of amnesty. Amnesty is just giving people a pass on the law.

His new Amnesty would give millions of illegals documents and work permits making them officially legal residents, much like he did already for 800k so-called dreamers. The costs for this amnesty would be for doing the paperwork and issuing the documents, which would be small. An amnesty may very well save money.

To defund an Amnesty Congress would have to pass such a bill and Obama would have to sign it, which he will probably not be inclined to do. Obama has show an inclination to ignore or even re-write the law. Even, if a law were passed that prevented Obama from issuing these illegal documents, he may just take the money from somewhere else.

The point is, if Congress is not willing to begin impeachment proceedings, what is going to prevent Obama from dictating. Congress seems irrelevant in this case. If someone can explain how it can be stopped, please go ahead.

The purpose of Amnesty is, as most understand already, to import enough new voters that Democrats become the dominant party indefinitely. Once progressive Democrats clearly have a secure grip on power, they will open the flood gates at the border even wider and the US will become a permanent one-party Nation, a dictatorship.

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