Why Amnesty-Only Protests Are Not Very Meaningful

There are many so-called “patriot” non-profit groups such as the Tea Party, Oath (not) Keepers, 9/12 groups and others who are afraid to take on Obama. How can they call themselves “patriots,” when they are unwilling to take on the traitor in White House? Just wearing patriotic colors, waving the flag and saying the pledge of allegiance with your hand over your heart is not enough to be a real “patriot.”

These groups are play-act patriots. When they are really needed, they go AWOL, nowhere to be found. They will chase relatively safer single issues forever to help in their fundraising, but never get to the point of directly opposing the subversive, would-be dictator in the Oval Office. A lot of people talk a good talk, but they will not actually do anything to help out.

Obama is a dedicated anti-American subversive, who can stop deportation for millions more illegal aliens with just an executive order bypassing Congress completely. He does not need Congress to totally destroy border security and with it goes our national sovereignty. Without removing Obama from office the flood of illegals will never be stopped, but will only get much worse. So, how meaningful can it be to focus on a single issue without dealing with Obama?

Luis Gutierrez to La Raza: Obama Assured Steps to ‘Stop the Deportation of Our People’

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