Protest Against Illegal Immigration in Westminster, California

California is quite literally being colonized by Latino Nationalists and their traitorous socialist political stooges in government. A pillar of his plan to destroy America, Obama subverts the immigration law by executive dictate. As California goes, so goes the nation. The CCIR has been fighting back against the odds for decades.

California is currently preparing to issue drivers licenses to millions of illegal aliens, which will be valid anywhere in the country. This will make it much easier for illegals to work throughout in the US and greatly increase the flood of illegal aliens into the entire country.

This protest against illegal immigration took place at the Home Depot in Westminster, California in Orange County on May 3, 2014. The event was organized by the California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR).

CCIR Protest Westminster

5 thoughts on “Protest Against Illegal Immigration in Westminster, California”

  1. Make Drivers license legal unless one is a American registered here in the United States or use public transportation that is what two feet are for. It is a democratic push for votes. The constitution that is what it is here in the united states for and not to play game with. Obama must be back of this with his Muslim gang In Washington..

  2. I will tell that the positions or they call them fat cats they have to much money coming in to Impeach this None American because the Party has turned into a muslim party I have to say. They do not care about America the demarcates have turned into muslim now there are good ones and the ones in Washington that just care about then selves and do not give a dam about America because they have to many rich people giving them donations. That is why they do not care about the American voter these days. We the people own this country to our fathers that wrote the constitution and the Democrats and some Republicans do not give a dam about the American voter only the tax dollars they can get to spend on other countries. why do not stand up for then selves. No is that a way to spend your tax dollar? We the people being democrat or republican have to IMPESCH this none American and ship him out of here. Just think he does not give a dam about the contrition and you right he is trying or is taken away from the American Voters. Congress and senate work for your money if you do not care then get your Democratic or republican rear once call a ASS out of office. Give America back to the American voter and his rights. Black people are great only Obama is impersonator of a colored person. Yes I am white and lived in the south and seen what they had to fight for then you have this Obama impersonator Sarry Soetoro that call him self a American and he looks but is not a colored person.

  3. How much will the crooked Demarcate dig into the voters wallet To give Obama what he wants to steal from America. He is not a president He is a imposter and a dictator. To bad his children in the future will have to live with the Obama name going to school here in the united states or will they use Soetoro but voters will remember that name also. I feel sorry for his kids with a father like Obama That wanted to bring America down. and turn it into a Muslim country. The demarcates what to turn America into a Muslim country that is why they are working to keep him in office. Demarcates do not like America too.

  4. We want Obama impeached based on no job creation , lied about Obamacare, to worried about other nations instead of. Our legal United States citizens here , lied about the Gas prices , to much
    For illegal immigrants from Mexico , which are here illegally , plus Obama lied about him being a legal citizen , he bowed to some other persons country too .

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