3 thoughts on “Barack Obama The Case for Impeachment”

  1. He has not been impeached because he is black. He has committed worse infractions than Nixon, yet no one has really pushed. I think it is getting close to where there will be an outcry.

    1. Methinks you are right about that. Liberals, Independents and Conservatives are now all talking about throwing him out.

  2. Obama want to cut the oil here or coming to the United states he is out to kill America in every way he can just maybe Obamas Allah will take him where he can to more good to other countries out in the jungle where he came from. The united states Congress and Senate have not been doing the job they are getting paid for. They should have had Obama Impeached. I think it is time to send the home with a Show up their rear end. This American people in Washington are not American they have turned into Allah worshipers and turned there backs on the American people and the constitution that our fathers left us. What does Obama or should I say Barry Soetoro did not like his name so he needed a name of one of the Muslim leaders. I do have to say we will not forget the crap he has pulled of here in Washington. I did see some thing on The television when Obama is in an other country he does put his had over this heart here in the United States Obama does not put his hand over his heart. Now I would say Obama does not like this country at all. May Allah take him to a better place just maybe he will take hint. Congress get off you hinder and Impeach this None American or send him to Allah. Just think what his children will have to go thru in live to have a father like Obama That is what we call a president. The questions they will be asked oh was that your father they wanted to impeach. That will be hell to grow up with in life. Please lord Impeach this person because he is not our president. What a mistake I made when I voted for this Person of Color. I fell sorry for colored people when it was not their fault when they had to fight for there rigts and the President wants to take those right away. I am sorry to say he is a screw up.

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