Now Is Not The Time To Quit

The Obama worshipers are disoriented, confused and near being routed.  Now is not the time to stop and become complacent, but the time to turn up the pressure.  Punishment needs to be meted out to the Great Usurper and his most important partners-in-crime, which includes the leadership of both major parties.  Obamacare is still in place and traitorous, corrupt Republican leaders in the House could still manage to pass some form of Amnesty by surprise.

2 thoughts on “Now Is Not The Time To Quit”

  1. Washington you are on your way out. Wake up Obama has his brotherhood in place they are going his work to take over America. You all better Wake up before you lose everything to the Muslim lead group in Washington. I think it is time for Chris Christie to run for Office and the White house. I am retired and ready for all retired people to run for a Washington office and take over the White house. Can we have the united states army with us you are being made puppets and that is his intention. Are you all with us. Obama wants to break the army’s back and take over the United States are we going to let him and his brotherhood do it? He has kill to many Americans already. Down with the lord Obama and his killers.

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