Fox Commentators Hint at Obama’s Impeachment

Sean Hannity and Megyn Kelly allude to impeaching Obama. Fox is controlled by their advertisers and owners, of course. The owners are a foreign-born globalist, Rupert Murdock and his business partner, Saudi Prince, Al-Waleed ben Talal, whose American adviser assisted Obama, when he was a student, financially and to gain admission to Harvard. Prince Al-Waleed once boasted that it only took him a single phone call to stop the use of the term “Islamic terrorist” by Fox commentators. These influences restrain Fox commentators and this is probably about as close as you will get to hearing them call for impeachment.

It is the influence of money interests over the media and politics that prevents Obama from being removed from office. A really potent movement to remove Obama has to come from the grassroots, be leaderless and unfunded, all volunteer. If you do not have a single leader or small group of leaders, the movement cannot be bought off or easily intimidated.

Sean Hannity: GOP Should Threaten to Impeach Obama

Megyn Kelly advises McConnell
Stop fighting Obama in court and ‘try to impeach him!’


2 thoughts on “Fox Commentators Hint at Obama’s Impeachment”

  1. McConnel can’t do it, Boehner won’t do it. Even if some Republicab nenber of the house of representatives would introduce articles of i8mpeachment, Boehner would never allow them to be voted on.

    The GOP ‘leadership’ is null & void; must be replaced with articulate, aggressive Conservatives willing and able to mount resistance to tyranny. Primary the schmucks!!

    Use one of the several impeachment petitions at Petition2Congress to tell your representative that your vote depends on his vote for impeachment.

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