3 thoughts on “Impeach Obama Now!”

      1. Beyond all doubt, most on line petitions are only for list building and fund raising. The nine impeachment petiitions at Petition2Congress stand out above the mill run because when the signer provides his Zip Code on a simple form, they email themselves, with the signer’s comments, if any, to his Representative & Senators. One of them has sent more than 25,000 emails to Congrss. The one I linked to has ben emailed to Congress more than 5000 times. This sentence from the last paragraph of the petition makes it clear: “I here and now pledge my vote for your opponent in the primary and general elections of your next election cycle if you do not vote in the House for impeachment or in the Senate for conviction of the malfeasors & traitors.”

        482 Texans have signed the Petition. I hope that statesmen such as Cruz and Gohmert have received messages from a few of them.

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