New National Protest Group – Free Voices United

A new group, which supports protests for Obama’s impeachment, has formed after the recent scandal at Overpasses for America over the personal use of donations by the Founder of the group, James Neighbors.

Having a choice and competition is good. It’s the American Way. Join both groups and see which works better and who treats you the best. Things will evolve.

Links to their sites are included in this directory

Impeach Obama Now Coalition – Group Directory

You can also just search FaceBook for “Free Voices United”.

Free Voices United has been formed by a group of ex-national-admins at Overpasses for America, who left due to the scandal.

Recommend that you support this new group. In this blogger’s opinion, multiple such groups are needed, not just for competition but survivability, in the case that one group is co-opted, bought-out or neutralized in some way. Local independent groups should also be encouraged.

Breaking News: Reports are now coming in that James Neighbors is actually taking his members hostage, telling them that they cannot belong to other groups and his at the same time. See the comments on the article “To All Member…” below.

4 thoughts on “New National Protest Group – Free Voices United”

  1. I started Recall Congress back in July but let it sit on the shelf while working with Overpasses. Recall is being launched next week officially. Our website is under construction and should be ready next week as well. This is not a protest movement so everyone can be involved.

  2. I am involved with Overpasses for America and have no desire to leave, but I am involved in a lot of other patriotic groups. I write email, letters, make phone calls, attend rallies, donate printed materials, post on local bulletin boards, etc.. If this is not a protest group, what is it exactly and how do I participate? Thank you

    1. I hope it’s an impeach-Obama protest group, that’s why I listed it. If a group is not actively supporting public protest somehow to remove Obama, I would de-list it.

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