Impeach Obama Overpass Demo – Miramar Air Show (Cancelled)

This Impeach Obama Overpass demo was originally scheduled to coincide with the Miramar Airshow, a much-loved, annual tradition in San Diego, featuring the Blue Angels precision flying team. This year it was cancelled by Obama’s Department of Defense, even though it is a huge money maker, last year netting $1.6 million to benefit Marines and their families. About 25 people took part. Since he sets the agenda, it is just another indication that Obama holds traditional American values in contempt.

The San Diego police and California Highway Patrol were notified of the event and warned of the possibility of false 911 calls from Obama operatives, intending to disrupt our protest.

Also, it was requested that the organizer be ticketed by the CHP for putting protest signs on the overpass fence, so that the legality of putting up such temporary, attended signs during a 1st Amendment protest could be tested in court before a judge. However, the CHP did not appear at the protest. The SDPD drove by a couple of times, but did not stop.

To join us, go to this link

Stop Obama Now – San Diego

These are a few photos of the protest. Click on the photo for full resolution.

Airshow in San Diego













3 thoughts on “Impeach Obama Overpass Demo – Miramar Air Show (Cancelled)”

  1. Awesome people! Thank you for doing your part in trying to bring BO to justice!
    Wish I could have made it.

  2. A hearty thank you to all involved in the “Impeach Obama Overpass Demo” event at Miramar. Up here in the Ozarks (Northwest Arkansas) we don’t have any overpasses so all we can do for the effort is pray, and pray we do everyday for America. God Bless each and everyone of you!

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