Community Organizing – Alinsky and Anarchism

The video below is a pretty good discussion of what basic Alinsky-organizing is about. It’s about anarchism, getting things for disadvantaged people in order to gain personal power and ultimately destroying the old system to be replaced by something new. It is not ideological but can be used by any revolutionary ideology to destroy the old system. The term “community organizing” is an euphemism and the technique could more accurately be called “agitation and provocation.”

Alinsky taught that incremental steps and small successes were the way to build power. If Obama follows this principle, do not expect him to declare martial law or take away your guns overnight. He will do it a little at a time, more in line with the boiling-the-frog-technique.

Alinsky's Methods based Al Capon's Mob.
Alinsky’s Methods based on
Al Capon’s Gangsterism.

Saul Alinsky sought out the successors of Al Capone’s mafia in Chicago and lived closely with them to study their techniques. The mob also often adopts a “rob from the rich, give to the poor” strategy in order to gain power and keep power via public support.

Alinsky said that the goal of his technique is to “gain power.” He gave an acknowledgement to Lucifer in his book “Rules for Radical,” because that is what the Luciferian concept is about, revolution, destroying the old system and gaining power.

Obama is a professional Alinsky agitator, trained by Alinsky’s best students, and he taught these radical revolutionary techniques to others. He and Michelle Obama both stated that he intended to apply Alinsky’s methods to politics. Alinsky is the tool that Obama uses to gain power. The ideology is Black Liberation Theology, which is about the takeover and destruction of the current American system.


Obama’s Use of Gangster Tactics in Politics – Saul Alinsky

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  1. Good post. Keep it up. Are y’all out in the streets yet? That is the best way to affect the People. Regards, from Cowtown, kneedeep in liberals and illegals.

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