Fox News Owner says Illegal Aliens are “Natural Republicans”

Rupert Murdock is a globalist and business partner with Saudi Prince, al-Waleed, bin Talaal, who is the foremost promoter of Muslim culture in the world. Al-Waleed’s American adviser, Khalid al-Mansour, assisted Obama when he was still a student. Khalid al-Mansour is a black nationalist who is rabidly genocidal against whites. Yet, many people still think that Fox News supports American interests.

To derisive laughter, Murdock describes illegal aliens as “natural Republicans” in the clip below. This just shows how anti-American the senile owner of Fox News really is and this filters down to all of the employees at Fox News, who have to please the boss to keep their jobs. Fox News is poisonous sludge that people allow to pour into their living rooms on a nightly basis. It fronts as being pro-American, but that is really a great fraud. Fox News bends the truth or leaves part of it out to suit the agenda of their owners.

Murdock describes those, who would oppose this idea, “a little corner of the Party” and that the worst they would do is that “a few of them would stay home” (and probably turn on Fox News). He says what are the going to do, vote for Obama? They know very well that they have us cornered.

Rupert Murdock has said publicly in the past that if you find your town has become majority Spanish-speaking, then just get used to it. That is the way the world is, today, with globalization.

4 thoughts on “Fox News Owner says Illegal Aliens are “Natural Republicans””

  1. FX News has never championed the issue of the Kenyan not being natural born! That in it’s self should tell you volumes! MSM news is all the same!

    1. Exactly, and there are other things like that. They didn’t have to “champion” the issue. All the needed to do to stay honest is report the issue fairly. They also have not done a fair investigation of the fake birth certificate that has been posted, made light of those that supported impeachment and ridiculed burning the Koran as a freedom of speech protest. They have just left out a lot of relevant information. To not tell the whole truth is still a lie.

  2. Well, a lot of white Republicans in both San Diego and Orange are giving up. I really think that both OC and San Diego still have more hardcore Republicans than Bakersfield, even if there are more liberals. Both OC and San Diego were about 10 times better than the inland counties and have low poverty rates before massive illegal immigration.

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