Patriot Wave 12 – Impeach Obama

Patriot Wave 12 - Impeach Obama

Overpasses for America put the “Impeach Obama” back in for Patriot Wave 12. Perhaps partly due to low turn-outs for events, lately, when impeachment was not advertised as the purpose.

You probably should not depend completely on a group that allows the IRS to dictate and tell them to remove “Impeach Obama” from their name. OfA was forced to change their name and de-emphasize impeaching the Dear Leader, when they became a 501[c][27] non-profit organization. Overpasses for America complied with Obama’s IRS thugs. In many of their Facebook groups, this caused them to lose about 2/3rds of their members, who did not follow to the new groups with the now politically correct name of “Overpasses for America.”

Coalition to IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!- List of Partners

Suggest people participate in the Patriot Wave, if they want, but also start forming their own, independent local groups for protesting for impeachment. It is easy enough to do with Facebook. We can help you set up a group. When we have enough of these groups across the country, no one will be able to stop or divert the impeach Obama movement.

Put “Impeach Obama” back in your group name, as a simple act of defiance! It’s not about “Overpasses.” It’s about “Impeaching Obama!” That is, without having Obama’s IRS agents looking over your shoulder.

Overpass Rally Sheduled for Brookhaven, New York (Long Island)

Overpass Rally Sheduled for Brookhaven, New York (Long Island)

This is the Horseblock Rd. overpass at exit 57 on Sunrise Highway. Susan and Gene were kind enough to let me borrow several signs and flags but please bring your own signs/flags if you have them…the more the merrier! Parking is limited but there is a small shopping center 1300 feet west on Horseblock rd. on the corner of Yaphank ave.

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Impeach Obama Now Protest – Fundraiser at Irwin Jacobs Home in La Jolla on May 8, 2014

Earlier Protest at Irwin Jacobs Home in 2012.
Earlier Protest at Irwin Jacobs Home in 2012.

Protest start time is at 10:00am on May 8th at Irwin Jacobs house at 2710 Inverness Ct. in La Jolla or at a nearby intersection, if access is blocked. Currently 60-100 protesters are expected to participate, including 1-2 liberal groups. Would be great, if we can get the number of participants well over 100 protesters. Just come, we have extra signs.

See More Details and Join Impeach Obama Now! – San Diego

We will not know exactly when Obama and Pelosi will arrive, but this event is billed as a “lunch.” Be prepared to stay for an extended time. He may arrive later than expected and we would like to be there waving our signs when they leave also.

There will be protest groups on the left as well as the right, many demanding Obama’s impeachment and removal from office. Everyone is welcome. Let’s all forget about our ideological differences for a day and push in the same direction for a change. It will scare the hell out of the politicians of both parties.

Map to Irwin Jacobs Home.

Since the street in front of the Jacobs home will be closed we expect to protest at or near the intersection of Dunaway Dr and Torrey Pines Road, which is a few hundred yards away, but the motorcade should drive right by there.

SAN DIEGO — President Barack Obama is expected to attend a political fundraiser in May at the La Jolla home of Qualcomm co-founder Irwin Jacobs.

Irwin Jacobs Jacobs, whose estimated net worth is $1.6 billion, was one of the top five financial supporters of Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012. He stepped down as chairman of Qualcomm — the mobile chip maker — five years ago.

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We had a small protest at Irwin Jacobs house in Oct 2012 when he hosted a fundraiser with Michell Obama. The banner in the photo above circled the house and La Jolla for an hour before she arrived.

Obama/ Pelosi Coming to San Diego (La Jolla) on May 8th

There will be 8-10 media outlets covering the event. If we can organize a large impeach-Obama protest, it will help generate national interest for the impeachment movement. Other protest issues are also welcome. This is intended to be a non-partisan event. Everyone is welcome to protest.

Patriot Wave 11 Announced for March 28-29, 2014

Patriot Wave 11 Announced for March 28-29, 2014

Overpasses for America announces their next protest event. It is not too clear what it is all about, because “Impeach Obama” was recently dropped from their name and the words do not even appear here on the announcement, though they still do refer to impeachment indirectly on their web sites.

Overpasses for America appears to be about contributions. The belief is that the group is moving away from impeachment, in order to become a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization and be able to “cash in.” 501C non-profits are not allowed by law to oppose politicians directly, but they can accept unlimited anonymous contributions from fat-cats. So, if this happens, you will not know who will be paying the organizers of the Overpasses for America organization. In other words, they plan to sell control of the organization. This is why they need to control the movement, because you cannot sell what you don’t control.

Not suggesting that people not attend Patriot Wave events, just that patriotic Americans need to start forming independent local volunteer groups for impeachment that may be loosely coordinated, but are not under the absolute direct control of anyone other than their local leaders.

The tradition that made America great is rugged individualism and local volunteerism, not tax benefits from Big Government. The IRS is used by the Government as an instrument of social engineering and political control. Many non-profits do worthwhile work and deserve support, but they cannot respond as an organization adequately to a treasonous president, because they are too dependent on Obama’s IRS. A volunteer mass movement is desperately needed to advocate the exposure, impeachment and removal of Obama.

Patriot groups often depend on Big Government  for nonprofit tax benefits
Patriot groups often depend on Big Government
for nonprofit tax benefits
We already have many dysfunctional, nonprofit “patriot” groups sucking at the teat of the Obama regime, but we have never really had a long-lasting, determined movement of volunteers working for the removal of the Great Usurper. As soon as a promising movement starts, such as the Tea Party in the early days, a would-be national leadership begins trying to figure out how to make a nonprofit out of it and draw a salary for themselves, even though it means making it dependent on Obama’s IRS and giving up their free speech right to advocate his removal from office.

Obama is not the only problem, but he is the point man, the most malevolent and malicious president the US has ever known. Exposure and punishment of criminals deters other criminals. That is the reason a truly grassroots movement is needed to advocate the impeachment, conviction and removal of Obama, no matter how late it comes. If you wait until he leaves office, — assuming he leaves office — the precedent will be set that Obama’s criminality and gangsterism is acceptable for a president.

Simi Valley Impeach Obama Now! Protest – March 8, 2014

Semi Valley Impeach Obama Now! Protest - March 9, 2014

This demo was held at 1st Street and the Ronald Reagan Freeway (118) in Simi Valley. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and burial site is on a hill just a few hundred yards away from the demo site. The protesters felt like Ronald Reagan was smiling down on them. Several protest groups like this are starting up in the Los Angeles area. The organizers, Dave and Susan, are urgently looking for volunteers to help out.

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OfA/PfOI- East Coast Impeach-Obama Exchange

Overpasses for America - East Coast Impeach-Obama Exchange

Being just too damn cold to protest on Long Island, Pat Lehman, of Patriots for Obama’s Impeachment decided to beat the weather and just fly to Palm Beach and protest in the warm sun with the local Overpasses for America group. Unfortunately, most of the Floridians must have been on the beach, because the freeways were practically deserted.

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