Migrants Disappointed: Not Allowed to Cross Border Illegally as ‘Patron’ Biden Promised

Univision interviews several people in Piedras Negras, who were hoping to be able to cross the border illegally in massive numbers after Biden lifts policy based on the Public Health Law (Title 42). The policy allowed asylum seekers, who cross the border illegally to be returned to Mexico immediately. A judge approved an injunction to keep the policy in place, as least temporarily.

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Biden already made some huge exceptions to this Title 42 policy for pregnant women and so-called “unaccompanied minors”. The “minors” are generally accompanied by a cartel smuggler and dropped off at the border. Many are being returned to Mexico, but a large proportion of them are still allowed into the US and remain, even with the Title 42 policy still in place.

I have learned since writing this post that Mexico is only accepting the return of Mexican citizens and a couple of other neighboring countries. Most of those from other countries are still being released in the US, in spite of the Title 42 policy still being in place. These three are sad, probably because they are Mexicans and will be sent back if they cross illegally.

Of course, most of these people are not qualified for asylum and will end up living illegally in the US, if they are able to cross and claim asylum. Being impoverished, needing work or being a victim of crime does not qualify a person for asylum. Generally, a person is qualified, if there are being persecuted politically or due to some immutable characteristic that they have.

Those living illegally in the interior of the US are more likely to the run over by a bus than be deported. This is because Congress refuses to provide enough resources to deport many of them.

Also, we have not had a president that really supported deporting illegal aliens, including Trump. Trump never supported the measures that would allow large numbers to the deported or that would encourage them to self-deport. Publicly, Trump actually ruled out an E-Verify mandate, which if implemented correctly would have helped greatly to eliminate jobs for illegal aliens.

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  1. solution to criminal aliens Dear Governor Cox,

    I suggest a program for the inmates of our prisons.

    When an inmate is released he/she gets a free trip to their hometown. Most will go to Logan, St. George, etc by car or bus but foreign criminals will go to Mexico City etc by flight. A one way plane ticket is less than $500. The yearly cost of a Utah incarceration in 2015 was $22,119 – this is certain to be higher now but for discussion purposes let’s use that.

    yearly cost of inmate at Utah prison – Google Search

    At $22,119 yearly, or $425.3653 weekly, or $60.6 daily it would take only 8.333 days of taxpayer financing to pay for a criminal to return to Mexico City. The criminals could get early release if required to stay out of Utah. If a criminal returns he/she does double time the sentence remaining.

    Prison Policy reports in 2010 non-Hispanic whites were 367 inmates per 100,000 population while Hispanics were 832 inmates per 100,000 population (more than double the whites rate). That too is sure to have gone up in 12 years especially with Biden’s welcome wagon open borders creating the largest invasion in history dwarfing the Nazi invasion of Russia by over 300%.

    Prison growth, prison size, and racial disparity data on incarceration in Utah

    1. ICE already provides free trips home to criminal illegal aliens. A larger problem is the much greater number of tens of millions of illegal aliens who don’t have a criminal record. They have almost no risk of being deported.

      Those seeking asylum, who skip their court hearings, or are denied asylum by a court, automatically get a deportation order issued against them. However, the Government is not really looking for them and they are at little risk, also, if they don’t come to the attention of ICE for some reason.

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