Trump Calls For Mob To Surround Congress For Election Confirmation Vote

Trump issued a tweet which calls on his fanatical supporters to show up in Washington D.C. on January 6, the day that Congress will confirm the electoral vote for a Biden presidency. Trump is the troll-in-chief and this may be leading up to his greatest troll of the American people.

This will be an act of intimidation, not unlike the time in March, 1933 that Hitler ordered the Brown Shirts and SS to surround the German Parliament (Reichstag) on the day that they voted for the Enabling Act, making Hitler a total dictator.

The so-called “Proud Boys” and various allied, alt-right groups remind are reminiscent of the Brown Shirts of Nazi Days, just as antifa is reminiscent of the communist street fighters that battled the Brown Shirts during the days of the Weimar Republic.

However, the Proud Boys and and allies do not have nearly the numbers that the Brown Shirts and SS had. Neither do they have the record and credibility for violence that the Brown Shirts/SS had. This is likely to turn out to be a farce, though perhaps a violent farce.

Profane, Paramilitary Trump street thugs marching in Washington D.C.

Trump will still be the commander-in-chief on January 6th. So, if violence breaks out, he will be in control of the National Guard and Armed Forces. Judging from recent events the crowd will likely be small enough, though, that the police in D.C. and surrounding area will be able to deal with the crowd. Trump probably hopes that hundreds of thousands will show up to intimidate Congress. No doubt there will be many violent anarcho-communist antifa and their supporters there, also.

Trump has reportedly also changed federal regulations recently to allow execution by firing squad, electrocution and poisonous gas. There is also a petition being circulated by some of his followers calling for him to invoke the Insurrection Act which would allow him to deploy troops in the US in order to stay in power. The law is intended to help put down physical rebellions not judges, who do not rule in the way a president would like.

Epoch Times: Insurrection Act of 1807 Explained; Martial Law is Coming?

Trump my be more crazy and erratic than some of us thought and some of his supporters are more delusional than we thought. Trump is not just egotistical, but seems pathologically egotistical. It is called extreme narcissism, a mental disorder.

Some insiders have called him “crazy” and they may be right, though a mental disorder is not technically considered insanity. I do not think he is a “Hitler” but maybe Trump is our King Ludwig, the crazy King of Bavaria. We may have to confine him to an isolated island somewhere. LoL.

This is a video that Trump tweeted in the early morning hours of 12/19/2020 to promote his intimidation event for Congress on January 6, 2021. It appears to me that he more or less calling for the overthrow of the American electoral system, so he can remain president.

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    1. The feed off each other. Antifa and allies will only be their because the Trump street brawlers will be there. If this becomes an attempt to intimidate Congress by potential violence, it will also be a terrorist act. Terrorism is the use of violence or threat of violence to achieve political goals.

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