Impeach Obama NOW Protest – Seaside Oregon

Rhoda and Robert held an Impeach Obama NOW protest on September 7, 2015. They have these events at least once a month to educate the public about Obama and his lawless agenda. Join the Oregon state group here.

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Below is the description from Rhoda.

As it turns out, it was the Best Protest! The traffic was heavy and the people were passionate and patriotic – lots of thumbs up and shouting out: America ! There were a few of the other, but they paled by comparison. One elderly lady walked by – lives in Seaside and as I was about to inform her of the Coalition, she immediately told me that she loves Obama. So, I asked, what do you love about him – she responded: ‘everything,’ I asked her, name one thing he did or accomplished – she could not answer me, but said, he’s liberal and so am I This is the biggest problem – people associate Obama with their personal mission and or ideas and they walk around with ‘eyes wide shut.’ However, it was a positive and excellent day. An elderly couple did walk over and read our sign – asked questions and were very happy to hear about what we were doing and said they would go online and look for our coalition. Some people feel that they can;t wait for him to get out, but that he only has one more year. When I informed them of what his agenda is for our country and our purpose is immediate, they showed a different attitude. People are uninformed and influenced by the media.

It was a great and positive feeling and day. Seaside also had the flags out everywhere, which added to the enthusiasm. I actually stayed from 11-2:30pm – it was worth it! I had a sense that September would be a strong month for People who are so ready to take action. That is what I felt today.

Impeach Obama NOW Protest, Seaside, Oregon
Impeach Obama NOW Protest, Seaside, Oregon

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