Traitorous Congressman Shutdown at Raucous Amnesty Townhall in LA

Luis Gutierrez, the biggest promoter of illegal amnesty in Congress was met with protesters in Los Angeles. This is the report from the Daily Ledger by One America News Network (OANN).

Representative Karen Bass (Cal. 37th District held immigration Town Hall was at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles on Saturday, March 21, 2015. Special was guest the radical Representative, Luis Gutierrez of Chicago, billed as the champion of immigration reform. A protest of the event was organized by Robin Hvidston, executive director of We the People Rising of Orange County. The Townhall was actually organized by The Coalition for Human Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), a Chicano organization which is radical supporter of illegal immigration.

Representative Karen Bass did not attend the meeting and provided a recorded statement. She said she was unexpectedly invited by Obama to be part of a presidential delegation, which would attend the inauguration of the new president in Namibia.

The invocation was given by Stephen Cue Jn-Marie, the pastor of the Church Without Walls in LA. Pastor Cue skipped the traditional pray and made a political statement instead that cast Jesus as an illegal alien and implied that even God was a supporter of illegal immigration.

The protesters were very vocal in their opposition to illegal amnesty, in general, and especially to Luis Gutierrez, billed as the champion of immigration reform. Some shouted that he was a traitor, criminal and a communist. Gutierrez seemed flustered, lectured the protesters in Spanish on their behavior and ran out of the meeting just before the advertised question and answer session, which was expected to be raucous.

Some protesters felt that it was ironic that they were repeatedly threatened by the University police with U.S. Law and expulsion from the meeting, while this was a meeting of illegal aliens, which promotes illegal immigration.

A panel of two remaining experts remained after the hurried exit of the special guest, Representative Gutierrez. The young panelists were asked questions by the about whether it encourages law breaking, how citizens would be protected by criminal illegal aliens. The exchange was quite contentious.

The meeting was conducted in Spanish, even though it seemed there were few people there, who did not speak English. It was lightly attended with many empty seats. Many of the attendees appeared to by activist supporters or illegal immigration, not necessarily average illegal working people.

Organizers video: Patriots give vent to their opposition at a forum for illegal aliens and their supporters promoting Obama’s dictated amnesty. The forum was hosted by U.S. Congressional Representatives Luis Gutierrez and Karen Bass at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.


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