Impeach Obama NOW / Amnesty Protest in Boise, Idaho

Recent protest in Cedar Falls, Iowa
Recent protest in Cedar Falls, Iowa
Mad King Obama will visit Boise, Idaho on Wednesday to address his worshipful subjects at Boise State University. A local patriot group is organizing a protest. Others are requested to join in. If you belong to a group in the area, please ask your organizer to support this protest. This one is expected to be a great protest with multiple groups joining in. So, don’t miss it! Make Boise proud that you stood up to this historic tyrant.

Here Are the Details on Obama’s Trip to Boise (Including How to Get a Ticket)

Keep checking this website for updates.

Where:      Caven-Williams Sport Complex, BSU  Map
            Broadway and West University Drive
            Boise, Idaho
Time:       12 noon  
            (Gate opens at noon, Air Force One lands at 1:20pm)  
Date:       Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Parking:    Parking my be complicated due to street closures 
and restricted parking in stadium lots.   Street parking may be 
available near the event, especially west of Broadway.  Parking 
in pay garages downtown is the most sure option. 
Organizer:  Glen Graybill, Sr.
Event Page: Protest against President Barack Obama

If you don’t have a sign, bring a flag to wave, a noisemaker, a bullhorn, or just bring your lungs and stand with the protesters. Every single person counts.

At the link below are some poster images that you can download and take to Staples and have them print for a 2x3ft sign for about $3.50 per copy.

Impeach Obama Poster Downloads

Note: There will be lots of media at this event. Keep in mind that Obama’s propagandists will be trying to make the protesters look extreme, violent and dumb. This is a freedom-of-speech protest and a display of passion is good, but suggest not playing into their hands. Also, keep on the alert for agitators, who may try to provoke some sort of confrontation for the same purpose. Agitators do not always present themselves as leftists. They may even try to look like they are on your side, but be trying to embarrass your cause.

If you send me images and video clips of the protest, I will edit them together and produce a YouTube clip out of it for upload. You can send large video files for free without installing software via services like this.

Drop Send

Let me know via the contact tab above, if you have something to share.

Roger Ogden
Impeach Obama NOW
San Diego, Ca

This was a protest of an Obama visit to Las Vegas in November, 2014

6 thoughts on “Impeach Obama NOW / Amnesty Protest in Boise, Idaho”

  1. Wish I could be in Idaho to spit on this guy. I tried my best in the past years to give him the respect for being the President of our country, but I could no longer do that. God bless America!

  2. I am proud of all who are going to attend this protest. This is what our country’s principals are based on, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and the vote of the majority of the people. He has lied and changed the laws under the cover of night. He’s not been for the people, has his own agenda and isn’t even a citizen of this country. He came out of nowhere with lies and it’s time that we stand up for our rights and remove him from being a representative of our country. Wish I could afford to go. I will be there in spirit. God bless America .

  3. I hope there is a good show of people protesting Obama, but I also hope that Idaho is represented, not as a bunch of uneducated hicks, but as thinking people who know their rights and their constitution. I would love to see a crowd bigger than what attends his speech.

    1. Don’t mean to put you down, because I also sometimes do the same thing. Your comment seems to have been much influenced by political correctness. Why would Idaho citizens be considered uneducated hicks and why is this more important than a tyrannical President who is destroying our constitutional form of Government? Even, if a few do not behave well, all Idahoans should not be collectively judged and it would be insignificant compared to what Obama has been doing. It just shows how much even many conservatives have been brainwashed with self hate.

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