Trey Gowdy Licks The Boots Of The Republican Party Bosses

The financial interests that control our leading politicians, Republican and Democrat, do not want Obama impeached and they are glad that he is shredding the Constitution. Trey Gowdy publicly reveals here that he is willing to serve as the water-boy for the the RINO Party Bosses, who do not give a damn about the Constitution and the rule of law and want an unconstitutional, dictated amnesty to go forward. Reagan used to say all options are on the table, during any negotiation. Gowdy and his string-pullers are trying to take impeachment off the table, the most powerful tool we have to make Obama respect the Constitution and the Law. We have a fight on our hands with the corrupt Republican Party leadership, as well as the Democratic leadership. They are the two faces of the same corroded coin of bi-partisan plutocracy. This fight is not Republican versus Democrat, but The People versus a corrupt, lawless and autocratic gang of politicians and their internationalist, big-money backers. Obama should have been impeached long ago for his numerous abuses of power. It needs to be hanging over his head like the sword of Democles now to force him to obey the law.

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