Lone Wolf Impeach Obama Protest in Indiana

Obama was greeted with an Impeach Obama sign and thumbs down from some at a visit to a steel mill in Indiana.

Just like on the motorcade to Princeton, people lined the roads, some carrying signs of support or disapproval. Schoolchildren and soccer players waved and took pictures with their mobile phones. A few people gave the motorcade the thumbs down signal, and a man dressed as a prisoner stood over a large sign that said ‘IMPEACH OBAMA.’

Obama Visits Princeton, Millennium Steel

Some are discouraged that more people do not turn out for impeachment protests. But the impeachment protests against Nixon and Bush were mostly small, also. There just are not a lot of people in the beginning with the balls to stand up against a traitorous and totally corrupt president. It is much easier to protest for/against impersonal issues. Those few who do get out on the street and protest for impeachment have an more impact than you might expect, because it is so much more difficult for them to do. They can pave the way for more to come out and they ought to be encouraged.

One guy with a handwritten impeach-Obama sign can make a difference and be noticed all over the country. Obama ought to be protested wherever he goes.

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