Kanye West – I am a God (Like Obama)

That man can elevate himself to Godhood is a principle of the Gnostic occult. The Nazis had a related racial concept that the Aryan Race is God. The Black Nationalist cult religions actually emulated the Nazi idea and adapted it to the black context. The Black Liberation doctrine of Obama’s former church in Chicago is an offshoot of Louis Farrakhan’s black nationalist cult religion (Nation of Islam). Black Liberation Theology also holds that the black race is divine and the white race is the Antichrist. America’s representative republican intuitions, such as the Constitution, are taught to be the tools of Satan to be destroyed in the imminent end times by the Black Messiah and his followers.

Kanye West – I am God

This is why all the allusions to Obama being a God are so creepy. Many think he is a psychopathic narcissist, commonly called a megalomaniac, and persons with this psychological disorder often believe they are God or the messenger of God. It is the psychological disorder of cult leaders.

Much of what Obama is doing can be seen as consistent with the cult doctrine of Black Liberation Theology, which prophesies the destruction of America by the Black Messiah. If Obama is a pathological Narcissist, as many think, he probably has a cult religious belief in his destiny of leading the final destruction of America.

Kanye West – Black Skinhead (Blkkk SkkkN Head), i.e. Black Nazi

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