Al Sharpton Compares Obama to Jesus Christ

Stop Obama Now!!

In this clip the right reverend race hustler, Al Sharpton, insinuates that Obama and the oppressed, in general, are Jesus Christ and will rise again (from oppression.) Go here to see the original story.

Gnostic occult belief teaches that man is God and that a man can self-evolve into god-hood or into a Christ figure, for example. Gnosticism is at least several hundred years older than Christianity and has infiltrated Christianity. Or, adherents to the different versions of Gnosticism would say they the are the original “Christianity.” Gnostic belief was rejected by the early church leaders. Gnosticism can assume many different forms, but it can present itself as Christian belief. Due to this, there has been a schism in Christian belief for two millennia. This is also the reason that Obama can believe himself to be a Christian and still hold beliefs that would be anathema to traditional Christians.


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2 Responses to Al Sharpton Compares Obama to Jesus Christ

  1. Alfred Roensch says:

    You got to be kidding. That is a really big stretch. Obama is more like Judas.

  2. John Kloch says:

    How can a none American be God? he is a modern day ass or a donkey of the democratic Party that is a Muslim larder ship and they are turning into Muslims to destroy America and their given rights of the constitution. No tell me because I think is reids son want the Nevada land for Wind .turbines has no right to go and take land from them. This is none American just like the Muslin leading them.

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