Impeach Obama Protest at UC Irvine Graduation (June 14th)

Obama Fundraiser in La JollaA protest for Obama’s impeachment and conviction has been scheduled for the intersection in front of Angel stadium in Anaheim. Hundreds of protesters are expected to participate. News of the protest is being widely spread via various blogs, e-mail lists and FaceBook pages by local patriot groups in Southern California. Though it is primarily an Impeach-Obama event, protesters of all issues are welcome. Come out and get literally in his face. Let’s make this a breakout protest.

We will have extra signs, if you need one. Also, good to bring US and Gadsden flags. Obama hates both of these venerable banners.

FaceBook Event Page – Operation Angel Stadium – Impeach Obama Now!!

Print multiple copies of this map and share with others. The protest location may changed based on new information. We will decide at the site on the morning of the protest.

Stadium Map showing protest site(s), parking and Obama arrival/departure times

DATE: June 14, 2014.

TIME: 11:30am until 3:30pm

Try to be there even earlier in case the Great Usurper leaves early. Due to the security, participants will start arriving at 7am. We decided the logistics are easier to have the protest at the end of the ceremony, when it is later in the day and Obama and everyone will be leaving the stadium in a jam at one time. The ceremony actually starts at 10am. If you want to see Obama arrive, you would have to be there by about 9am, but our main protest will start at 11:30am and we will catch him when he leaves.

PLACE: Intersection of S. State College Blvd & E. Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, Ca 92805.

PARKING: There is free street parking on Santa Cruz street and some of the nearby businesses will probably open their lots to parking for a fee, probably for $5 near the protest site. You can find Santa Cruz street in the google map below, which runs parallel to the I-5 freeway.

View Google Map of protest location

Join our group at these two links:

Join the Impeach Obama Now! – California Hub here!

Or, Join the Impeach Obama Now! San Diego Meetup group here

Devil to speak at Angel Stadium
The Great Deceiver will speak
at Angel Stadium
Eight thousand students are graduating and, including their families, about 60,000 attendees are expected and will drive right by our protest.

Spread the word. This is a great opportunity for an impeach Obama protest. Bring your friends. Let’s make this THE BIG ONE and rock Angel Stadium!

Click here for sign-making tips and ready-to-print images for download.

The clip below is of a recent protest at an Obama fundraiser in La Jolla. The protest at Angle Stadium in Anaheim will likely be similar, but larger. The La Jolla protest was on a workday, but the Anaheim protest will be on Saturday and much better advertised.

Impeach Obama Now Protest at Fundraiser in La Jolla (May 8, 2014)

We expect somewhat less than 10-30 million protesters to turn out at Angel Stadium (LoL), but we do expect to have a good event, with probably hundreds of protesters across the breadth of the political spectrum. Plan to be there and help spread the word.

This event is organized primarily by:

Roger Ogden, Coalition to Impeach Obama Now!!
Gary Wilmott, Give US Liberty
Robin Hvidston, We the People Rising

Other groups are organizing their own anti-Obama/Impeach Obama protest efforts at the same place and time, including liberal Occupier and human rights groups. Some liberals are also fed up with Obama and will be protesting against against Obama and his mis-deeds, not against us, such as the protest announced below. Announces Planned & Peaceful Anti-Droning Protest of the UC Irvine 2014 Obama Commencement

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