Putin: Ukrainian Protests Appeared To Be A Planned Action

The subversive elements in the Ukraine were apparently supported by $5 billion dollars in US aid and by private foundations, such as Obama and Bill Ayers used to manage. If these protests look a lot like Occupy Wall Street protests, there is probably good reason for that. Government tax money and private foundations also support radical revolutionary groups in the US.

The same people that engineered the revolution in Ukraine would like to do the same in the US. Whether it comes from the left (OWS) or the right (American Spring) does it really matter? It would not be predictable who takes over after the Government is toppled. Fortunately, Americans are not that easy to motivate for a revolution.

One thought on “Putin: Ukrainian Protests Appeared To Be A Planned Action”

  1. Look behind his left ear….. I bet you’ll see The Mark of The Beast behind his ear……. Or he is The Cousin of him… Russia is Magog in Eziekiel 38 & 39… And Magog is now 1hr away from Jerusalem since Russia or Magog is now in Syria…… Its bible prophecy right before our eyes…. In our life time….. Putin is a very evil ambitious Human!!!

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