Impeach Obama Protests – Why the Tea Party Will Not Help

One member asked whether we could not get the Tea Party involved in impeach-Obama protests. Everyone has heard about the IRS discrimination against the Tea Party regarding their non-profit status. However, even before considering the discrimination, non-profits are limited in what they can do by law. They cannot be primarily about politics and may not endorse or oppose political candidates or incumbents. This is true not just for the Tea Party, but other patriot grassroots organizations that are organized as non-profits or affiliated with a non-profit organization, not to mention churches, which are also non-profits.

The Tea Party and other such non-profit groups will not endorse or support an impeach Obama protest or inform their members about it as an organization, because that could well cause trouble with the IRS for them. The leadership of these organizations are generally reluctant to talk openly about these things.

Many individual members of these groups are interested in helping out, but they have to be contacted as individuals and not via the leadership of their groups. If you ask the leadership for help, they will most likely drop it like a hot potato and it will go no further, but they probably will not tell you why they cannot help.

At a protest, if people ask you, it is probably better not to identify yourself with the Tea Party, a 9/12 group or anti-immigration or other patriot groups that are organized as non-profits or affiliated with a non-profit. Just say you are there as a concerned citizen or as part of the “Impeach Obama Now!” group.

“Impeach Obama Now!” started out as a independent Tea Party. It is not a non-profit and will not become one. So, there is no legal prohibition by the State that prevents us protesting openly for Obama’s impeachment and removal.

As long as the tax code is written the way it is, some groups will need to be organized as non-profits. However, volunteer groups are also needed that can do the work that non-profits cannot do, such as campaign directly against the traitor in the Oval Office and demand his impeachment and removal.

This needs to be understood all across the country. The IRS regulations do not allow these grassroots patriot organizations to confront Obama directly. The Tea Party can support or oppose issues, but not politicians directly and they can certainly not call for the impeachment and removal of Obama as an organization. Individual members of these groups, though, can do whatever they want as an individual and many of them do participate in impeach Obama protests.

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    1. Robert, you would have to look into it. They may be an independent Tea Party, not affiliated with any non-profits groups. In that case they have not given up their 1st Amendment rights in exchange for a few tax benefits from the IRS. Or, they may be an exception. It is difficult to find Tea Parties that endorse or oppose candidates. One exception would not overturn the rule.

      It is much more difficult to find Tea Parties that campaign for removal of the traitor in the Oval Office, which is pretty amazing when you consider that a very large majority of their members would support that. There are supposed to be 3,000 local Tea Party groups. Not all of them have non-profit tax status or are affiliated with a non-profit umbrella org.

      In order to have a large Impeach-Obama movement, it is necessary to educate people on why the Tea Party has not taken action on this for over five years, already. We used to have anti-Obama demos with 200-300 people in the early days. After the Tea Party began to get organized as various non-profit organization, it became difficult to get 10-15 to turn out. Local Tea Parties used to help us with those early demos. They don’t anymore.

      This was one of our early anti-Obama demos back in October, 2009 when some of the local Tea Parties still had freedom of speech. They were not yet in bondage to Obama and still helping us out.

  1. The error with this is that not all Tea parties are organized as Non-profits, or organized at all. Grass roots orgs are simply individuals with like minded goals.

    1. There is no error. It was never claimed that all local organizations are nonprofits. The national umbrella organizations are the issue here, such as the Tea Party Patriots, which is organized as a non-profit organization with thousands of local affiliated groups. In fact, my own local group, the forerunner of this ION group has always been considered an independent Tea Party for more than five years. We are a volunteer group, though, and not a fat-cat funded nonprofit.

      You will find very few Tea Parties who attack Obama directly, even though the vast majority of their members think he should be impeached and removed from office. This is mainly due to the restrictions on free speech put on nonprofits by the IRS. They don’t oppose Obama directly, because he has them feeding from his hand. The truth is that having Obama in office helps generate lots of donations for the national Tea Party umbrella organizations. Obama helps keep them in business. Why would they want to remove him?

  2. Finally, these 501(c) 3 and 4 IRS Laws are NOT MANDATORY, but VOLUNTARY LAWS. The Tea Party or Churches are NOT REQUIRED BY LAW to APPLY or become such Organizations. So why do it, seeing the IRS is evil? They do so for lack of knowledge:

    Hos 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

    Wake up you DUMB ASSES and stop voluntarily complying with non-binding laws that do not apply to us!

    1. Missionary James, I believe, if they don’t become some kind of non-profit, but accept large donations and take positions for or against candidates, they may run afoul of the election laws. There are financial incentives to become a non-profit. If you become a 501(c)(4) your donations can be anonymous and unlimited in size, but the organization cannot be primarily about politics. I think most conservative organizations err on the side of caution to avoid any chance of problems with the IRS. This issue needs to be discussed more in public and in a straightforward manner. Polls showed at one time that 60% of Tea Partiers supported impeaching Obama and probably more support it now, but Tea Parties that officially support impeachment, conviction and removal are about as rare as doo-doo birds. That kind of suppression of political expression would have been envied by the cadres of the Soviet Union. It seems pretty clear to me that the Government uses non-profit law and regulations to suppress political dissent. I deleted your last comment, because it misrepresented what I wrote,

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