Really a ‘Day of Resistance?’

On February 23rd, there will be rallies all across the nation and they will trumpet it as a “Day of Resistance.” Obama is the biggest threat to the constitutional republic since the Civil War. Yet, there will be no calls for his impeachment and removal during this so-called Day of Resistance. How can they say they are protecting our liberties, when they do not have enough courage to even say that this usurper and would-be dictator should be impeached and removed from office?

I assume a 501(c) non-profit is involved in organizing this event. 501(c) organizations are prohibited by the Government from being primarily about politics. For that reason they dare not say at these events that Obama must be impeached and removed, because they fear losing their tax benefits as a non-profit.

Sure, there will be a lot of posturing with guns and bold words, but in my opinion, this is no “Day of Resistance,” but rather a day of posturing and kow-towing to Obama’s IRS. The Founders were not afraid to speak their minds for fear of losing tax benefits or even losing their entire personal wealth, not to mention their very lives.

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