Protests of Obama Visit to Fresno

Video and images of the protests of Obama drought tour in Fresno, combined with a golfing vacation on the lush, well-watered golf courses of Rancho Mirage at Sunnylands Estates in Palm Springs.

Fresno demonstrators send indirect message to Obama

Much of the water supply for the Central Valley has been diverted away by the Environmental Protection Agency to flow uselessly into the Pacific Ocean. Obama could end the drought with a for once legitimate executive order

The Man-Made California Drought

Anti-Obama protesters in Fresno
Anti-Obama protesters in Fresno
Touring the Drought Disaster
Touring the drought disaster for a couple hours near Fresno

Obama could stop the drought in the Central Valley, if he wanted, by orderings changes at the EPA. He hypocritically enjoys the wasteful use of water for his own pleasure, but does nothing real for the suffering farmers of California.

Golfing at Rancho Marage
Then, a weekend relaxing on the lush golfing range at Rancho Mirage

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