President Obama: Unimpeachable?

Do not believe that Fast and Furious and Benghazi are “manufactured” and not the eligibility issues, either, but there are other very clear-cut and obvious violations of the Constitution that neither ordinary Americans nor the politicians appear to give a damn about. If Obama can kill an American citizen in Yemen without a trial, which is actually an ally of the US at this time, who can he not murder with impunity? It is the same with snooping on American citizens and reporters. However, have not given up hope that people will rise up, throw the RINOs out and demand that Obama be ousted.

About: For nearly five years Republicans have been attempting to impeach President Barack Obama. And while they manufacture “scandals” like Fast and Furious and Bengahzi, the President is engaging in what are arguably significant abuses of power that could be grounds for impeachment. And yet, Republicans stand in support of these actions. Why is that? Political Commentator Sam Sacks explains.

President Obama: Unimpeachable?

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