One Nation Under Fraud – The Underground Documentary

If you have been involved in the anti-Obama movement for years, you may already have some familiarity with much of the material contained in this devastating underground video. However, there are still many, who have vague feelings that Obama is malicious, a liar and subversive, but are not very familiar with the specific background of it, because it has only been presented piecemeal in the media, if at all. For those people this video will be an eye-opener. This documentary brings much of it together and is jam-packed with information. There has been so much scandal that we tend to focus on his latest misdeeds and forget how truly vast the case against Obama really is.

There is a 14-minute preview of the movie at this link:

One Nation Under Fraud – Website

14-Minute Trailer – One Nation Under Fraud

One Nation Under Fraud – Trailer

Our protest group (Stop Obama Now) met the producers, who took part in one of our overpass demos near San Diego on Independence Day, and I obtained a couple of copies of this 2-part, 3-hour documentary. It is well-made and interesting to watch. The producers give the movie away for a tax-deductible donation of at least $10. After taxes, for me, the video costs only about $6 per copy. Public screenings are allowed.

It is produced on a shoe-string, of course, because you cannot obtain a big budget to do such a film without compromising the content and, of course, showing it in commercial theaters is completely out of the question. This is the type of documentary that should have been done by the media, if we had a free media that was still loyal to the country. It puts together many of the things that you have been seeing for years, and more, in one, three-hour documentary. Where else can you find all of this material in one place? Nowhere, really.

The folks, who made the movie, are life-long Hollywood Democrats, who work as filmmakers and were completely shocked — like all of us were — that a subversive anti-American, like Obama, could become president. Yes, there really are a couple of patriotic Americans still hiding out in Hollywood. They have numerous credits in film-making. The documentary is a labor of love. They are not making a fortune from this and it unlikely to be a plus in Hollywood, if they were to add it to their resume .

The video will be most useful, in my opinion, for people in the middle, who have an open mind and may believe that something is wrong with Obama, but are not completely sure why. It is much more hard-hitting than “2016: Obama’s America” and broader in scope than “Dreams from My Real Father.”

You may also want to obtain it, because it is entertaining or for sentimental reasons, to have a historical video record of the events presented in the documentary that may well not ever be available, elsewhere. Order multiple copies and give it away to friends and family, who may be receptive to it.

One Nation Under Fraud - The Documentary

6 thoughts on “One Nation Under Fraud – The Underground Documentary”

    1. Please remove the comment above. I know Destiny Nyznik and she loved this documentary. There is a man named Carl Zittrer who has been going around on Social Media pretending to be Destiny. Carl is a hateful, jealous and evil leftist and he’s in love with 0bama. He has a Twitter account and a FB account in case you want to let him know how much you’d love to One Nation Under Fraud. Thank you.

    1. Doing great. Unfortunately, we had to pull our documentary and it’s trailers and our website from the internet because of the massive amount of harassment. This man (an old friend) has made it his life mission to attack us, our documentary “One Nation Under Fraud” and our children. These 0bama supporters are clearly insane. We filmed hours of 0bama supporters from 2008-2012, but we decided not to include them in our film because it was too depressing to watch. And, mostly, because they just screamed at us. Thank you for removing that comment. It should be illegal for someone to use my wife’s name. Hope all is well with you. We’ve been reading your posts on your FB, great work.

      1. I still have a number of DVD’s of “One Nation Under Fraud”. I need to watch it again for old times sake. Say hello to Destiny for me. Have only good memories of you guys. 🙂

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