Everyday Heros – Protesting for Removal of the Usurper

Even during preparation for the holidays there are still people on the streets and the overpasses demonstrating for Obama’s impeachment and removal.  Congress is finally taking note and talking about removing Obama from office.  To put wind in their sails, this movement needs to continue to grow.

The main purpose of this site is to connect these protest groups together and to advertise to others what you are doing.  If you have photos or videos, send a link to them via the contact tab  at the top of the page or just leave it in a comment.  It does not matter, if the protest is large or small, or whether your photography skills are advanced or not.  The point is to show others that the effort continues.   It advertises your group, encourages others to join you and helps the overall effort. 

Often the photos that get the most interest are those of a just a couple of everyday people out making their voices heard with hand-made signs in their home town. That is because there is an enormous number of people out there, who can identify with that and those are exactly the people we need.

Too many people protest every day for a couple of weeks and then give up. Do it at whatever pace is sustainable for you over the longer term. You cannot do it all by yourself. We need to grow hundreds of groups all over America and that takes a long time. So, you all need to be in it for the long term.

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