Chicano Park Day – Neo-Pagan “Danza Azteca” Ritual

For Chicanos, Danza Azteca is a form of prayer for the return of their mythical homeland, Aztlán, which they claim is the entire Southwestern United States. Chicano-ism is a Mexican/Latino cult movement and a branch of the indigenous movement, some of whose adherents ultimately seek to return the Americas back to pre-Columbian times.

The Dance (Danza Azetca) is similar in religious significance to the Ghost Dance of the 1890’s among American Indians, which was meant to bring on the end of the white man and ended with the massacre at Wounded Knee.

Chicano-ism started in the late 1960’s and was influenced by the American Indian Movement, which as inspired by the Ghost Dance movement and Wounded Knee.

Chicano Park is a public park, owned by Caltrans and maintained by the City of San Diego. The Obama administration spent about $2 million just before the election of 2012 to restore the murals, which honor Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and various Mexican revolutionaries as well as many neo-pagan and occult themes.

Chicano Park & the Cult of Aztlán

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