Baltimore Sun Reader: Impeach Obama Overpass Demos get too much Coverage

IMG_1794Had to guffaw at this. A reader of a newspaper in deeply blue Massachusetts thinks that overpass protests are getting too much coverage. Keep up the good work. People are noticing, though not all are pleased!

Call or email your local media the day before a demo, or even the day of the demo and let them know about it. You can call and ask for the e-mail address for their tip lines and e-mail them all at once. Don’t forget local news websites, like the local “Patch”.

Could not find the original article about the protest, but here is the letter.

Obama protest lacked dynamism to warrant coverage devoted to it [Letters]

October 16, 2013

I was surprised and a little offended at the prominence given in the Leader to a photo of some people demonstrating on overpasses to impeach President Obama. Is demonstrating against the president really the most dynamic thing happening in Laurel so as to warrant a half-page photo of the participants with their “Impeach Obama” signs? I sincerely hope not.

Marjorie Schulenburg
Laurel, Massachusetts

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