The Benghazi Distraction – Republicans fiddle, while America burns

The real outrage involving Libya was the fact that Obama went to war there illegally and our military carried out missions in support of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda. The Obama administration encouraged the uprisings across the Middle East, pulled the rug out from under long-time allies and used the uprisings as an excuse for intervention.

The Secretary of Defense had the gall to tell Congress to their faces that they did not need to respect the constitutional requirement to get their permission, before going to war and the Republicans did nothing.

It is ironic that Republicans are making a big issue out of when Obama knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack, when they completely overlooked his other illegal and traitorous actions in the Middle east. They do not pursue these bigger issues, because they will want to do the same thing in the future.

They do it, because it is a safe issue. They can score some quick political points, but nothing very momentous will come out of it.



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