American Flag Banned in San Diego’s Chicano Park

Only the flags of Aztlan, La Raza and Mexico are allowed to fly freely in Chicano Park, because the park is dedicated to Chicano political militancy. That is not to say that all those, who identify as “Chicano” are also militant, but this park memorializes the militancy and anti-Americanism of the movement, which had its heyday in the late 1960’s and 1970’s.

An anti-Trump protest was held in Chicano Park on Veterans Day, 2016. A couple of patriots showed up to express their pro-American views. They had to be escorted out of the park, due to the threat of mob violence from the anti-American protesters.

The flags of Aztlan, and La Raza

The Chicanos claim that the Park is no longer U.S. territory, that it is their so-called, “sacred land” as the first part of Aztlan to be occupied. The treasonous political leaders of the City of San Diego have, in effect, ceded it to them. They identify the American Southwest as Aztlan. For that reason, they do not allow the American flag, the symbol of our sovereignty, to be raised in the center of the park in a prominent position.

In the above clip, there were at least two flag wavers, one was a courageous Hispanic veteran in uniform at the beginning. There were actually two veterans in uniform. The other flag waver appeared to be Hispanic or Asian. All of them were escorted out of the Park by police.

City leaders do not defend civil rights in this park. Escorting dissidents our of the park happens repeatedly in Chicano Park. It seems that the political and police leadership have an understanding with the militant Chicanos that they will escort people of the park, when the peaceful free speech activities of the dissenters, such as waving the American flag, offend the Chicanos and their far-left allies and they threaten mob violence.

Below a Chicana in a News report says the goal is “revolution”.

The Chicano Park Steering Committee used to prohibit the Hispanic veterans from flying the flag on their flagpole in a remote corner of the park, except on certain holidays, Fourth of July, Veterans Day and Memorial Day. The veterans started flying it every day after we exposed the general ban of the American flag in the park, except for those limited exceptions.

They still do not allow the flag to fly freely in the park at any time at any place by any person, especially not on the main flagpole in the center of the park. The American flag is relegated to an inferior position on a shorter flagpole in a remote area of the park. If you doubt this, just try to get them to fly the American flag over the Aztlan and La Raza flags that they normally fly on the main flagpole.

The park Steering Committee is dominated and controlled by radical, anti-Americans, who are offended by the flag and who don’t respect veterans, who fought under the flag. A “national historic landmark” ought to be flying the American flag proudly in a honored position, not limited, hidden and shunned.

Nazi Roots of Chicano / La Raza Ultra Nationalism

The Chicano movement is an ultra nationalist movement, based on ethnic and mestizo racial nationalism, which seeks to gain political control of the southwestern United States and to ultimately join it with Mexico. They are the ideological heirs of the faction of Mexican nationalists, who worked with the German Kaiser in World War I and Hitler in World War II. These earlier Mexican nationalists were promised the territory of the American Southwest as a reward, if Mexico would join with the Germans in waging war against the US. As a nation, Mexico never accepted this deal, but pro-Nazi Mexican factions would have, along with a very large part of the Mexican public.


The term “La Raza” (The Race) was popularized by the book by Jose Vasconcelos, La Raza Cosmica (The Cosmic Race). La Raza Cosmica was a major source of inspiration for the Chicano movement, which began in the late 1960’s. This book is similar to the Nazi racial mythology translated to the Mexican historical, ethnic and cultural environment.

Vasconcelos was identified as the major Nazi propagandist and a member of the Nazi fifth column in Mexico by Life Magazine in their June 10, 1940 issue. He published and edited the journal, “Timon” (Rudder) in the early 1940’s, which was the most important propaganda organ for Nazism in Mexico and actually for all of Latin America. Below is a copy of the Life article in PDF format.

This is the original source of the article. Scroll down to page 51 in this issue of Life to see the same story at Google books.

Nazi Fifth Column and Communist Allies are active in Mexico (See page 51)

The “Aztlan” myth of the Chicano ultra nationalists is equivalent to Nazi-version of the myth of Atlantis, a home of a fallen race of Gods, who were destined to return to glory. The Chicanos identify the “lost” territories of the southwestern United States with “Aztlan”, though no one knows were Aztlan was or even if it ever really existed.

These two links are English translations of two articles originally written in Spanish.

The Journal Timon and the Nazi Collaboration of Jose Vasconcelos (English translation)

That Forgotten Mexican Nazi Named Jose Vasconcelos (English translation)

This is part of a Mexican documentary, Nazis en Mexico, which mentions the work of Vasconcelos with the Arthur Dietrich at about 5:00. The subtitles are not playing on this blog.

The current La Raza/Chicano movement is a strange mix of Aztec neo-paganism and the ideologies of Nazism, Marxism and the indigenous movement. From the point of view of Marxists, Chicano nationalism can be considered to be a movement of national liberation. Marx wrote in his Communist Manifesto that communists will work with any revolutionary movement, which is also trying to overthrow the existing system, their common enemy.

The serpent-like creature in the photo below is Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent. Quetzalcoatl is the messiah-god of the Aztecs, who according to Aztec mythology will return in human form to restore the Golden Age. This is similar to how some occult groups predicted the rise of a “messiah” in Germany years before Adolf Hitler appeared on the scene. In the Chicano context, it would mean the Chicanos gaining control of what they call their “lost territories” or “Aztlan” in the American Southwest, not unlike the Nazis were trying to claim Lebensraum in Eastern Europe.

Latino Nationalist Mural at Chicano Park in San Diego
Chicano Nationalist Mural at Chicano Park in San Diego

This is one visible example of Chicanos copying Nazi symbolism. The United Farm Workers is a Chicano / La Raza organization. The design was inspired by that of a historic Nazi battle flag. In the image below the two flags are compared. The Nazi swastika is simply replaced by a Mexican nationalist symbol, an eagle, resembling the Nazi eagle, the Reichsadler. After the resemblance to the historic Nazi flag began to be noticed, the design was slightly altered to make the similarities less obvious.

UFWA Flag compared to Nazi Flag
United Farm Workers Flag Inspired by Nazi Flag

This is Chicano Graffiti at the site where Chicano Park is today with historically accurate Nazi swastikas. The photo is from the Vintage San Diego website and was made, just on year before the takeover of the area now called Chicano Park in San Diego, Ca.

Chicano Power with swastikas

This is a local Chicano in San Diego, Lucky Morales, describing the meaning of “La Raza” supremacy doctrine, the mestizo (mixed) Race.


Here are a couple of books and a documentary film in Spanish about the Nazi fifth column in Mexico that discusses the involvement of Vasconcelos.

La Raiz Nazi del PAN (2014) by Rafael Baraja Duran

Los Nazis in Mexico (2007) by Juan Alberto Cedillo

La Red Nazi in Mexico (2010), documentary film available on Netflix with English subtitles


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