Obama Connection to Occultist Politician, Henry Wallace

Henry Wallace put Occult, Freemasonic
NWO Symbolism on the Dollar Bill
Henry Wallace was a member of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration. He is the person, who convinced FDR to put the occult, New-World-Order symbolism on the dollar bill, some of which is shown on the upper right of this page. Henry Wallace was a communist sympathizer and was deeply involved in the occult.

He also founded the modern day Progressive Party and ran for President in 1948 as the candidate of the New Progressive Party. The Mentor of Obama’s mentor was his pick as a vice-presidential running mate.

Wallace had to drop out of the race for president, because reporters exposed him after they obtained some letters that he had written to Nicholas Roerich, his Rasputin-like occult guru in the Soviet Union.

The original Progressive Party of the 1800’s had connections to to the occult spiritualist movement. Spiritualism is communications with the dead. You may recall that self-declared progressive, Hillary Clinton, once claimed to channel Eleanor Roosevelt. More recently, Nancy Pelosi has claimed in public to have channeled early feminist leaders, like Susan B. Anthony.

Wallace asked Paul Robeson to be his running mate, a world famous actor and singer. Though he did not belong to any Black Nationalist groups, was a Black Nationalist, who thought that Communism could be used to free Africa from colonial powers. Black Nationalism has always been an occult movement, as well, and Black Nationalists have often worked with Communists and Nazis to achieve common goals.

This clip shows Paul Robeson in Europe, singing the national anthem of Communist China, “March of the Volunteers.”

Paul Robeson sings Communist Chinese National Anthem
“March of the Volunteers” (Forward!)

Paul Robeson was a mentor of Frank Marshal Davis and was the person, who sent Davis to Hawaii to organize the plantation workers there.

For decades the FBI tried to suppress potential “Black Messiahs,” such as Malcolm X, whom they feared could unite the Black Nationalist group and cause some kind of uprising in the United States. The FBI also considered Paul Robeson to be a black-messianic figure took his passport away for some time, because they believed that he was undermining the security of the US, while on foreign travel.

COINTELPRO – FBI Suppression of Black Messiahs

So Obama has an intellectual and (occult) spiritual connection to this idea of Black Messiah-ship and occult anti-American influences that goes back generations. It will not be a news flash to most to write that Obama was probably raised with the idea of becoming a “black messiah.” Robeson had connections to well-funded, anti-American foreign interests around the world that could have been used to help Obama achieve his goals.

Will expand this note and add references at a later date.

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