Eddie Murphy – Kill the White People!

This clip alludes to the fact that there is a common theme of white genocide that runs though the black identity religions of America and the Caribbean. Some in the entertainment industry/media are quite aware of this and there are sometimes references to it as is the case with this clip, but they refuse to explain it to the public or report that Black Liberation Theology also has this same aspect to it.

Not only does this skit portray an important fact about society, that certain black identity religions are genocidal, but it is hilarious at the same time. Sometimes, you can joke about things that are taboo to speak of openly.

This is a spoof of the Reggae singers, such as Bob Marley, who sing about the Rastifarian religion, which is anti-white, anti-American and anti-Christian. They consider the white American system and the church to be part of the system of Mystery Babylon of the biblical book of Revelation, the devil or the Antichrist, to be destroyed in the end times.

Many white Americans love Marley’s music, but are oblivious to what he is really singing about, the destruction of America and white society, in general. This genocidal anti-white theme is common in the black identity religions.

It is taboo in American society to talk about such black genocidal religious belief, even though now the president belonged to such a religion for two decades and still should be considered to be an adherent of Black Liberation Theology, which is related to the other black identity religions, such as Rastafarian-ism, Black Hebrew Israelite-ism, the Nation of Islam, Yahweh Nation, Nation of Gods and Earths, Nauwaubianism, Black Moors, etc. Black Liberation Theology was inspired by the doctrine of the Nation of Islam, which is not orthodox Islam, but a home-grown black American sect.

Black Liberation Theology equates white society, America’s democratic institutions and the traditional Christian church to the Antichrist and teaches that the black race is the manifestation of god on earth. A black messiah or messiahs (plural) is to lead the destruction of white society in their version of the end times, which will be a revolutionary confrontation with the white race by the black and other, non-white races.

There have been several examples of adherents of such religions in the last decades trying to bring on the end times by the sacrificial killing of whites and non-believing blacks. See the related posts below for more information.


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  1. yeah I don’t live in America but this is happening everywhere and we need to wake up now before it’s too late. And there will be civil war in all our countries muslim against non muslim

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